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Audio Frequencies Create Amazing Sand Patterns (Video)

We already wrote about Brusspup’s incredible anamorphic illusions and his ability to bend running water with audio frequencies. Now the guy is back with even more amazing resonance trick, called the Chladni plate experiment! This time Brusspup attached the tone generator to a black metal plate and poured sand over it. As the sound frequencies from the speaker make the plate vibrate, the sand gravitates to those areas where there are less vibrations, and creates complex sand patterns. These patterns are never random, and get more complex with the higher frequency. Tempted to try it yourself? (via: Colossal)

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  • Evert F-j Veendijk via Facebook

    That’s why fibration give you that special feeling…..?

  • Jlmsg Gutfreund via Facebook

    very cool

  • Penny Rice via Facebook

    Science always meets art … to the discerning eye.

  • Aaron Robert Matteson via Facebook

    languages of the universe

  • Bourbonbonbon

    THAT is crazy! mysterious and beautiful.

  • George Gionis via Facebook

    When Physics becomes Fun!!!

  • Joshua H Whitney via Facebook

    Yeah, many factors can make it more funner-er.

  • Ana Clara via Facebook

    Cristina Corat :D

  • Katji McCusker via Facebook

    We did this back in high school 40 years ago. very cool

  • Giorgos Lamprakis via Facebook

    science is art!

  • Gabriela Espasandin Ponce via Facebook

    Vayan a esta web que no tiene desperdicio.

  • Susy Quattro via Facebook


  • Ruben Van Brussel via Facebook

    it also does 3-dimensional shit, this is old to me

  • Kathie Hoblitzell via Facebook


  • Janice Lobb via Facebook

    unfortunately this stalled my computer so I couldn’t watch it

  • William Lindsey

    so that is how aliens make those crop circles and various patterns…

  • Anonymous

    just like the noise from tv screen.