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Incredible 3D Latte Art by Kazuki Yamamoto

You don‘t even have to love coffee in order to appreciate these super creative latte foam artworks by Japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto. And we‘re not talking about the little smiley faces or flat palm tree patterns: this 26-year old latte artist, based in Osaka, creates actual 3D foam sculptures in the coffee mugs of the Cafe10g visitors. This thinking outside the box – or, rather – outside the cup – even gave Kazuki the idea to make the coffee foam climb out of one cup and reach for another. That way you might be served with a cup of coffee where a cat is trying to get into another one next to it, where tiny fish are swimming.

Besides these meticulous 3D sculptures, Kazuki also does some amazing flat latte art. His subjects vary from manga and video game characters to portraits of such people as Albert Einstein or John Lennon. Kazuki says his dream is to open up a his own cafe in Tokyo one day. For more 3d latte art, be sure to follow him on twitter.

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