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Water Running Through a 24hz Sine Wave

We already wrote about Brusspup and his crazy anamorphic illusions – and now he’s back with new tricks! This time he attempts to bend water using an audio speaker set to produce a 24hz sine waves. His first video, testing the principle, made it look as the water was going upwards, but now Brusspup has taken it up a notch and actually makes the water flow in shapes and patterns!

Unfortunately, the trick is that you can only see it through a 24 fps camera. The installation consists of a water hose that’s attached to a speaker with 1 or 2 inches hanging down, so that when the speaker produces sound, it vibrates the hose as well. An audio cable is attached from the computer to the speaker and the sound software is adjusted to 24 hz. When Brusspup turns on the music and the water, the result he sees through his camera is water running down in the shape of stairs and spirals. You can get different results if you set the frequency to 23 or 25hz as well!

Website: youtube, facebook | via: neatorama

“Set your tone generating software to 24hz and hit play.Turn on the water. Now look through the camera and watch the magic begin.”

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  • Mantas Banišauskas via Facebook

    God is amazing!

  • Vladimir Kroshinsky via Facebook

    urinals should have built-in speakers that produce a 24hz sine wave

  • Anthony Gianfrancesco via Facebook

    Panda you blew my mind

  • Frank Ankum via Facebook

    Science is even more amazing !!

  • Jessica J via Facebook

    It would be more amazing if the hose stayed stationary.. just saying.

  • Nicholas Penn via Facebook

    Would be impressed if you hadn’t just pinched this from a different site without it being attributed…..

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    Nicholas Penn actually there is a link to neatorama after the intro

  • Nathan Doyle via Facebook

    this happens also to the cameras shutter speed whilst filming it, its an illusion when the cameras frame rate is either set to half of the hz or same, tweaking is needed of course :)

  • Nathan Doyle via Facebook

    this happens because of the cameras** damn facebook and its auto we write what you dont want too..

  • Kimberly Catlow via Facebook

    Would be impressed if I could click the link.

  • Nicholas Penn via Facebook

    Bored Panda you got me :)

  • Janet Willem via Facebook

    My mind has been blown.

  • penguincam

    That’s the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen!!!! omgg

Author:   Date posted: Mar 13th, 2013
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