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Incredible Pencil Sculptures by Cerkahegyzo

Hungarian artist, going by the nickname of Cerkahegyzo, carves amazing sculptures from a single pencil. To create such meticulous miniatures, the artist uses needles, sandpaper, razor blades, polishing stones, files and all variety of pencils. Cerkahegyzo was inspired to start sculpting pencils after he came across the tiny pencil tip sculptures by Dalton Ghetti.

Working as a professional tool-maker in Hungary, Cerkahegyzo says that sculpting pencil miniatures is a great way to relax and has become his free time hobby. Clearly the concentration that such work requires leaves you unable to think about anything else rather than how to get that minuscule curve right!

Cerkahegyzo sometimes uses tiny props to make his creations even more impressive. Check out some of the examples of his work below, where tiny pencil tips turn into a set of keys or a sewing kit, or even into a cup of coffee or a bird cage. The series of pencils that are sculpted into chains look even more impressive!

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For more pencil sculptures, be sure to check out the work of Dalton Ghetti.

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  • Codybeaux

    “from a single pencil (except the last one)” Are you sure? Looks like he may have cut the tip of the pencil in half and each half is laying flat.

    • Bored Panda

      Good point! Oops!