What used to be a woman's size 12 in 1968 is a woman's size 4 today; what used to be third-class is economy-class today. What changed? We've grown more sensitive: I'm not overweight, I still fit into a size 12. I'm not a third-class passenger, I'm a price conscious individual that rides in economy-class.

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Despite the name games, airline food hasn't changed much. Economy class meals still come in a wrapper, and business or first-class meals come with real cutlery. This list shows the sometimes striking difference between what the different classes eat.

What do you think? Submit your comments and photos below, and remember: economy-class food isn't bad because it's cheap; it's purposefully bad to encourage those with money to buy more expensive tickets!

#1 Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

ginkgraph | rikiching Report

CosminChinde 1 year ago

as always the economy one looks better :)

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#2 Air France

Air France

m-louis | travelingotter Report

CosminChinde 1 year ago

the economy one looks so much better and homey in my opinion

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#3 Ana Airlines

Ana Airlines

brownpau | hyougushi Report

#4 Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

shashibellamkonda | billholler Report

#5 Thai Airways

Thai Airways

inflightfeed | tuangthana Report

kahh 1 year ago

The first class dishes really looks like japanese food. It has wasabi and vegetables in sakura forms.

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#6 British Airways

British Airways

hendry | kalleboo Report

LenaWagenfuehr 1 year ago

why do airlines think people who are fool enough to shell out the extra dosh to buy the business/first class tickets can be trusted with cutlery/real glasses?

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#7 Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

queeny_han | sebwhite Report

MaschaClaessens 1 year ago

Mainly the side dishes that look better in first class here.. :P And someone already ate the bread :')

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#8 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

bryansjs | wkharmon Report

HannaAndersson 1 year ago

First class food looks terrible! What is that?

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#9 Air Canada

Air Canada

kalleboo | chijs Report

#10 Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines

travelfotography | inflightfeed Report

AndreaJoian 1 year ago

are you supposed to eat the bread with the pasta?

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