UK artist Imogen Clark, the brains and brawn behind Dusty Souls Art, has to explain her profession on a regular basis.

One of the UK’s leading feather painters, Imogen spends every day living her dreams painting wildlife for a living. Three years ago, little did she know that she would be doing it on feathers!

“I really fell into feather painting by accident. I had never heard of it before or even seen it. Just one day, preparing for a new season of art fairs, I had a long thin frame and a feather that fitted in it, I thought ‘I know what I’ll do…’ and started painting!

I cant say its an easy profession, feathers are unpredictable, each one is different, each is a challenge and that’s what I thrive off along with the encouragement of my peers and customers.”

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New and exclusive hand-painted feather hat brooch from Dusty Souls Art

New and exclusive to DSAs hand-painted feather range are these awesome brooches.
Artist Imogen Clark preps these pieces from scratch, sourcing vintage brooches and binding feathers.
“I’m an old hand at painting feathers now, it’s the easy bit when trying out new ways to use my skills!”

Hand-painted feather earrings from Dusty Souls Art

The smallest of all. These feathers measure no more than four centimetres and each painting is a few millimetres long. Once Imogen paints one, she must paint an exact mirror image on the other.

Hand-painted red stag head on peacock feather

It’s hard to choose which is the most favourite feather when there is such a wide variety.
From the smallest mice to the large red stags, from minute robins to awe inspiring birds of prey, Imogen masters each as deftly as the others.
“My brushes are tiny, and I have to work with my face fairly close to my drawing board to get all the detail.
Each feather takes approximately three days to complete from start to finish including drying times.”

“A secret never told” Seven magpies on magpie feathers

Imogen regularly challenges her skills and endeavours to seek new ones.

“In this day and age it’s hard to find new, REALLY new, never done before, first one on the planet ways to use my art.
I think, moving into jewellery and personal art with the feathers was a natural path. They’re so pretty and original, everybody gasps when they see them. I know I like it when people notice what I’m wearing. It’s a woman thing.”

Red stag on fanned pheasant feathers

Eagle owl on eagle owl feather

“My favourite to paint are the birds.
I think there’s something magical about painting birds on feathers.
Its like I am giving lost feathers back to the birds., but in general, to nature, giving them a new purpose in their beauty.
Sometimes I get to paint the bird on its own feather, that’s very special.”

Hare on pheasant feather

What exciting things is Dusty Souls Art doing this year?

Imogen currently trades at Tynemouth market in the North East of England weekly and other northern art fairs throughout the summer and Christmas.

“I hope to find somewhere to exhibit locally and further afield this year. Its something that I haven’t done before and I feel that I’m confident enough in my work to do it now.
I will continue to look for new things to do with painted feathers, stretching my skills and learning new ones along the way.”

If you wish to view some more of Imogens work or contact her please do so through her webpage, .

You will also find her on Facebook and Instagram.