Just last month, we shared Banksy’s Artwork Recreated in Real Life by Nick Stern and yesterday Nick sent us 11 new pictures from his “You are not Banksy” series. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his inspiration and process.

How did you come up with the idea?

The idea to recreate Banksy’s iconic images came about in summer 2011 during the Riots that we breaking out in London (my home town).

I was shooting a actor friends and we wanted a ‘dark’ ‘moody’ feel to the images so we dressed him in a hoodie. I thought it would be an interesting project to recreate a riot scene with people thrower flowers instead of petrol bombs and bricks. That idea developed into the recreations.

How did you feel when your photos went viral? What has changed in your life?

I was amazed and flattered! So many people loved the idea. What has changed in my life. Not much except that it has confirmed I should be shooting more creative material. So that’s the plan!

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Naked Man

How long does it take to recreate one scene?

To actually shoot them each image takes about 2 -3 hours. But I spend weeks getting everything ready before hand.

Child Soldier

I have an obsession with detail so the most time consuming part is sourcing the costumes and props to ensure the images match as close to Banksy’s images as possible. Where things aren’t available I make them. The Machine gun the small boy is holding should be a Vietnam era M60 gun. I couldn’t get hold of one (for a reasonable price) so I modified a different replica gun, using garden sprinkler tube for the barrels and all kinds of electrical and plumbing fittings. Along with 60 Crayola Crayons!

Pulp Fiction

How did people react to your idea?

I’m amazed how many people love it. Some people have bought a great number of prints, I’ve also sent some prints free to people who love it but can’t afford to buy them. I’ve had a lot of support from Central and South America. The French seem to hate me. Haha! What do the French know about art ;-)

Snorting Copper

Have you talked to Banksy about your project?

I’ve had no feedback from Banksy. I would love to do a book combining his street art and my images. I’ve already had some interest and looking for a publisher.


Mother And Son





Girl And A Soldier

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