World War 1 left countries devastated. After the signing of Treaty of Rapallo (1920) on a territory of the latter Yugoslavia, Italy started to build a huge alpine fortification system which was an enormous engineering feat, consisting of supply roads and paths that led to high-alpine fortresses and other military infrastructure.

Nearly a century later, Premica Architects from Celje, Slovenia, turned the former shelter – bunker into an alpine shelter for mountaineers. The entire alpine bivouac stands on concrete foundations, on the remains of a former bunker.

Despite technological simplicity and robustness, the structure brings a touch of modernity and coziness into this alpine wilderness. Bivouacs address the fundamental gap between people’s needs and their attitude to nature through the understanding of the surrounding terrain, which is of key significance in interventions into sensitive wild environments.

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Moon shines through cloud cover


Under the night sky

Alpine shelter with the fading sun

Sleeping area of the alpine shelter

Cozy all-wooden interior with views for Gods

Fading light of the day was burning at sunset

Mystic place under the starry sky