The e-book has more than 52 pages of awarded squirrel photos with short texts and here I show a part of the book.

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This story is told through the eyes of a female red squirrel.
In a creative way I let a female squirrel speak and make the stories of the photos sometimes hilarious.
No way that you can hold your laugh while reading this book.
It is written for all ages and it is a treasure.
All photos come directly out of the lens. There is no Photoshop used to bring in new elements.

Many people asked me if they could buy a book of me. I always said that it will come, but waited for a writer. I did not realise that that writer was me where I was waiting for.

I am a Swedish national and international awarded photographer and worked for a couple of years very close with wild squirrels and managed them to capture in a unique and beautiful way. My work is published in books, articles and magazines like the National Geographic, but never as a stand alone. My name is Geert Weggen.
Now it is for sale on Amazon for $7.49


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