What happened with planet when you are an artist…

World – is a huge space, bounded only by our imagination. Each of us has been in geography lessons and studied the world map with countries located on it. To someone it seemed boring, to others – toneless … We suggest you to take a look at the Earth through the eye of an artist, where each part of the map – a self-contained artwork of Alan Mirkovich!
The basis of the “World by Alan Mirkovich” became the country’s Big Twenty (G20): Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Turkey, France, South Korea , South Africa, Japan and the European Union.
Each country has its own character, each one – is special! And all together – they create a true palette of irrepressible human energy which the artist is sharing with us.
So let’s enjoy together, perhaps, the most colorful and expressive map of our planet!

world by Alan Mirkovich