Every person who works nine-to-five or even longer shifts knows how hard it can be to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Many of us end up making sacrifices either in our careers, or in our personal lives. Luckily, there are caring employers who know how important it is for their employees to have time for their families, hobbies and, most importantly, themselves, so they try to come up with various solutions.Recently, marketing consultant Shaneé Moret shared one employer’s solution. After returning from maternity leave, her friend was offered the opportunity to work from home, but with a 10% pay cut. According to Moret, the friend took the offer in a heartbeat, which prompted her to think about how other people would feel about this proposal.

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The woman asked 10 of her friends and found out that 8 of them would take the offer instantly. “Money means nothing without the freedom to live your life,” she concludes her post.

While many of those who read her post agreed that they would also love this opportunity, there were many others who disagreed that a pay cut is fair. Read their reasoning below.

Many people said that they would take an offer like that in a heartbeat

However, not everyone could agree with Moret