Sometimes, people just don’t get along for a dozen possible reasons. But sometimes the main reason is that one person is a complete jerk and disrespects the other individual.

Case in point, some women got so fed up with some men who were acting like misogynists that they just had to turn to Twitter and write jokes about them for acting that way.

Scroll down for our collection of jokes on Twitter by women who poke fun at ‘toxic’ and misogynistic guys. Upvote your fave tweets and leave us a comment with your thoughts below. Be sure to let us know which jokes you enjoyed and why.

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According to Psychology Today, there are some traits that misogynists exhibit that can let you spot them from a mile away. For example, while at first, a guy can seem “flirtatious, exciting, fun, and charismatic,” as time goes by, he may start showing extreme swings in his personality. A bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Misogynists also often make promises to women that they fail to keep and lack punctuality when they do manage to keep appointments. What’s more, Psychology Today explains that being outperformed by women professionally or socially will make misogynists feel “terrible.” 

Hypocrisy is another trait of misogynists because they will allow their male friends and colleagues to do things that they’d criticize women for doing.

They also tend to put down women in public, steal their ideas “in professional contexts,” and even borrow money without the intention of giving it back. On dates, these ‘toxic’ guys always act the opposite of how women prefer to be treated; while in relationships they will tend to cheat on their female partners because they feel that they don’t ‘owe’ them monogamy.

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