Choosing which adorable dog to adopt from an animal shelter is hard for anybody. But it was particularly hard for Danielle Eden when she visited a dog shelter in Israel. All of the abandoned animals were in such desperate need of rescuing that she didn’t know which one to pick. So she picked them all. All 250 of them.

Eden is no stranger to animal adoption. She’s co-founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, an animal rescue center in Ontario, and she’s saved stray dogs from appalling conditions from all corners of the globe.

But this was the worst shelter she’d ever seen. 250 dogs were living in a rat-infested space designed for 70 and the animals were filthy and fighting over scraps of food. Faced with such a dilemma, there was only one solution: she bought the entire dog rescue operation. Since then she’s managed to relocate 90 dogs within Israel and another 25 have been taken to her sanctuary in Ontario. Eventually, she hopes to bring all of the dogs to Canada. If a dog is a man’s best friend then Danielle Eden is certainly a dog’s best friend.

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The shelter in Israel was the worst that Danielle Eden had seen

The dogs were kept in awful conditions. 250 lived in a space designed for 70

The shelter was infested with rats and the dogs were fighting over food

Unable to decide which dog to adopt, Eden decided to adopt all of them

She bought the entire shelter and started to find new homes for them

90 have already been relocated within Israel and another 25 have been brought to her sanctuary in Ontario

More than half of those brought to Canada have already been adopted

Thanks to Danielle, the dogs have been given a new leash of life