There are small ways to make a difference and this lady from the North Shore in Pittsburgh is the perfect example. The Internet recently saw heartwarming photos of her reading to shelter dogs to make them feel less lonely.

A redditor nicknamed puglife123 shared a photo featuring the lady reading a book called “The pup and the biscuit” to one of the shelter dogs, an old lady pit bull named Jade. It happened at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society where puglife123 volunteers.

The dogs won’t understand what she’s reading, but hearing a calm human voice has proven to comfort shelter animals before. This is a nice reminder that there are other ways besides adoption to support animals who have forgotten what it means to be loved.

“This woman comes to my local humane society and sits in front of the dogs cage and reads books to the dogs”

Image credits: puglife123

Having lost her 14-year-old dog, she wants to return the love her four legged friend shared with her

Image credits: Amy Crawford

There’s also a Book Buddies program that helps children improve their reading skills while also helping shelter animals

Image credits: The Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Berks County