Ever been mistaken for an employee? If you have, it’s fine, everyone has. If you haven’t, it’s okay—nobody likes to accept it. But there’s a safe space to talk about hard things and it’s a subreddit called r/IDontWorkHereLady. It turns out, people assuming you’re a staff member is a thing.

One serial “do you work here?” recipient is a redditor who goes by u/Wiggle_it_loose. But the dude doesn’t sugarcoat it. He thinks it’s because of his “‘retail’ face” that he’s approached so often.

This time, a super rude woman at the supermarket forced this guy to take on a plan B. When the lady, titled a “Douchebagette” for obvious reasons, bombarded u/Wiggle_it_loose with commands to get her eyelash curlers, he picked a lethal weapon. Hint: cold, hard honesty.

The redditor shared this encounter with a rude lady who mistook him for a staff member

Image credits: Wiggle_it_loose

Bored Panda reached out to the moderators of the r/IDontWorkHereLady subreddit, which, according to its description, “involves stories about folks that go into other businesses and have irate customers mistake them for employees.”

One of the mods told us that the subreddit, which is essentially a “derivative from other subreddits like r/TalesFromRetail,” was created 5 years ago. “We get lots of different submissions and moderate them according to suitability.” The rules say you gotta “keep it classy” and bear in mind that “people are people, too.” As a result, “Not everything posted remains visible on the sub.”

The mod said that the subreddit epitomizes the fact that “even though it shouldn’t be, it’s incredibly common for people to just assume that someone works at a given location and to treat them badly based on that assumption.” But r/IDontWorkHereLady encourages people to let their hearts out. “The more outrageous the story, the better!” claims the community.

And people found it hilarious