Ever been mistaken for an employee? If you have, it’s fine, everyone has. If you haven’t, it’s okay—nobody likes to accept it. But there’s a safe space to talk about hard things and it’s a subreddit called r/IDontWorkHereLady. It turns out, people assuming you’re a staff member is a thing.

One serial “do you work here?” recipient is a redditor who goes by u/Wiggle_it_loose. But the dude doesn’t sugarcoat it. He thinks it’s because of his “‘retail’ face” that he’s approached so often.

This time, a super rude woman at the supermarket forced this guy to take on a plan B. When the lady, titled a “Douchebagette” for obvious reasons, bombarded u/Wiggle_it_loose with commands to get her eyelash curlers, he picked a lethal weapon. Hint: cold, hard honesty.

The redditor shared this encounter with a rude lady who mistook him for a staff member