Recently, a story from a 25-year-old woman caught everyone’s attention on the AITA subreddit. The author wrote how her girlfriend Molly picked up a joke a while back that she didn’t like.

“I’ve already made clear that I don’t like. It consists of her saying ‘No’ quickly to anything I ask,” the Redditor who goes by the handle TAGFNo wrote. This may sound silly, the author added, but it really got on her nerves and she demanded that Molly never make it again.

It soon turned out the promise didn’t last long. Worse, Molly saw no problem in pulling her joke in front of TAGFNo’s whole family during a very special moment that everyone was meticulously planning. Read on to find out what happened below.

Recently, a woman shared how she cancelled her proposal to her girlfriend after she pulled an annoying joke in front of the whole family

Image credits: Gustavo Fring (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Pavel Danilyuk (not the actual photo)

Although it’s considered one of the most important and beautiful moments, a proposal goes hand in hand with both excitement and anxiety. The pressure to have the most memorable ‘I Do’ moment is through the roof, so it’s easier to make a mistake.

According to the survey commissioned by The Knot, “proposing with no ring” was ranked number one as the biggest engagement faux pas. The same survey also showed that most women deemed “proposing in public” and “proposing in front of friends or family” the biggest blunders an aspiring fiance could make.

Speaking of public, 58 percent of respondents also noted that the site of their first date is the best place to propose. So it’s quite likely to be a public space, but with no relatives in the picture.

Many people expressed their support for the author and said her girlfriend was wrong to act like this in that situation