Regardless if you live on the side of the globe that never gets to see the snow, or are one of those who know it quite well – admit it, it does give you some amazing photographing material. This phase of the natural cycle puts everything around us to sleep and lets the nature rest and recuperate before it’s spring again: most animals start hibernating, and the prolonged darkness makes it feel like a constant night time.

White fluffy snow provides for a great setting and a natural lightning effect, with sparkling sun reflections or tall tree shadows. Try spending at least one day out in the nature with a camera in winter, and you’re bound to go home with some gorgeous shots and high spirits. In the mean time, here’s our selection of some stunning winter landscapes, reminding us of the nature’s beauty!

Photo by: Jan Machata

Photo by: Kent Shiraishi

Photo by: Margaret Netherwood

Photo by: Dmitry Dubikovskiy

Photo by: taurus13

Photo by: Norbert Maier

Photo by: deep21

Photo by: Lars van der Goor

Photo by: Mark Geistweite

Photo by: Mikko Lagerstedt

Photo by: Janez Tolar

Photo by: Gregor Halbwedl

Photo by: Laimonas Ciūnys

Photo by: Aleksi Hämäläinen

Photo by: Christian Bothner

Photo by: Leonardo Valeri

Photo by: Edwin van Nuil

Photo by: Hideyuki Katagiri

Photo by: Tristan Shu

Photo by: Evgeni Dinev