Finnish people and Canadians are like day and night. If Finns are known for their surly attitudes and a massive love for sauna, then everybody knows the famous cliche about Canadians being uber polite and apologetic. And if you think that these personality traits only show when interacting with other human beings, we have proof that it also translates when dealing with animals.

In a video below, you’ll see fine specimens of a Finn and a Canadian dealing with some unexpected guests – wild bears. Wild brown bears are relatively shy animals and have no desire to interact with humans. However, in areas densely populated with wildlife, people sometimes get the chance to encounter these giant creatures. And while there are many ways you can approach this terrifying situation of a bear attack, Tumblr users found two hilarious examples.

Scroll down to see the footage on how to deal if a bear decides to visit you in a backyard. And while both of them are quite obviously effective, we are rooting for screaming PERKELE as loud as you can; at least you’ll capture some hilariously funny moments while doing it.

The most Canadian way to get rid of bears

The most Finish way to get rid of bears