Wiara (belief/faith) is a word from the Polish language which means that something exists which is powerful and supernatural; it can have some connections to religion but it can have other references. In this project I gathered a group of people and talk with them about their Wiara. I did not focus only on one religion, I wanted to hear from anybody who would like to share their thoughts, opinions and comments with me.

Wiara is something which gives our life a sense, which gives life its purpose and power to exist. Some people find it in religion, family, politics, money or they can even find it in themselves.

I believe in science. Science is about answering question, not just about following what you believe. You follow but with end goal.

Eliza_Kurowska_Photography Opublikowane przez: Eliza Kurowska Polubiono stronę · 1 godz. · My religion, my belief in Jesus is my life. It’s not something I do, it’s who I am, it’s my DNA.

I get lot of emotional strength from my religion. Every time when I feel down I can just pray and it just instantly makes me feel better.

Without hope and religion, life is worthless. There is no point and purpose of life.

I believe this life is a test to prepare us for the next so we must not take anything for granted and understand everything that happens, happens for a reason.

Art gives me a sense of empowerment, it is transformation of reality. It is very powerful and gives spirituality.

I thank God with my own words and whenever I see the sun I remind myself of my grandmother who was the most important person for me.

I believe that in every of us there is a God. For me it’s the same as being good to the other people, helping others, loving and being kind. All of the positive feature are symptom of my faith, and its identifications with God.

There are kinds of creative energy that steps from being so sad. You have to channel your sadness somewhere, for me it’s art. That is why my music is so depressing and dark.

I believe that the good will win. I don’t think about good God, evil Devil, I believe that the good in people will win every time.