Night clubs and bars are good places to have fun and meet new people. But we all know that strangers, no matter how good of a first impression they make, can sometimes be up to no good. Sadly, this means that instead of enjoying your night, you also should be vigilant of red flags to keep yourself safe from the stranger danger. There’s a Tumblr post which can help check if the person who offered to buy you an alcoholic drink has any ulterior motives. (Facebook cover image: TrishN)

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After Jennifer Dziura shared her experience with men buying her drinks, one bartender backed her up by saying that he has seen things like that happening daily.

Dziura said that, in most cases, men don’t buy bar drinks for women out of courtesy, instead they do so to make them vulnerable and get their guard down.

For those who find it hard to believe, she offered a simple social experiment. Instead of accepting an alcoholic beverage, she said that a woman should agree to something else, for instance — food or a non-alcoholic drink. If he doesn’t accept her choice well, chances are his intentions were far from just being courteous.

The bartender shared a similar experience he noticed every night at his job, from 10 to 20 times per night to be exact. To help out, he offered some tips and dating rules on what to do when accepting a drink from someone and which drinks to choose to avoid getting drunk in a stranger’s company.

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