Personality aside, a cat’s coat is its most distinguishing characteristic. There often doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or a reason as to why the colors and patterns show up the way they do, but the diversity makes for an interesting community of kitties out there. Today we’re featuring a unique cat named Scrappy whose climb to fame can be attributed to his stunning, one-of-a-kind coat. This adorable kitty is believed to have a condition called vitiligo, causing his once black coat to begin turning white. The white patches started appearing seven years ago, when Scrappy was 11. Today he’s a beautiful, shifting tapestry of black and white and his loyal fans can’t get enough.

As part of Scrappy’s fan club we decided to interview his owner, David, to get to know the cat behind the fur.

More info:

How did you and Scrappy meet?

I had decided I would like to have a kitten and we heard about a lady selling some kittens as her cat had just had a litter of 6. This was back in September 1997. The other 5 kittens were all playing together and were very cute. Scrappy was sitting on his own and, though he was cute, we didn`t think others would regard him to be as cute as his siblings. I made the decision to take Scrappy as I knew he would be the last one to be taken, if at all.

What was life like before you met Scrappy?

Life before Scrappy was quite hectic as I was in the military – I only had time to get a pet after I left. That’s when Scrappy came into my life. After a few weeks together he settled in and would jump on my legs or on my head and claw at me with his tiny claws.

What’s an average day like for Scrappy?

Scrappy likes to be outdoors a lot and will meow quite early in the morning to go outside. Once outside he’ll prowl the neighbourhood and return back for some breakfast. Depending on the weather, after breakfast he’ll go out to the garden and roll around in the grass (mainly when it’s sunny) or sleep on top of a green tarpaulin. When indoors, he’ll play with items (when encouraged), look out of the windows, and sleep on the window sill or by Sam, the dog. He’ll sometimes (slightly more recently) share his food with Lily, one of the new kittens. But most of the time, like all cats, he’s asleep.

How did you choose the name Scrappy?

Scrappy was chosen because when he was younger he lived with two slightly older cats named Bonnie and Clyde. Being young and boisterous, he used to pick on the pair (not aggressively more like play-fighting). Despite his age, he also picks fights with the neighbourhood cats and still comes home with a few scratches. I guess you could say that he rules the street and every other cat stays away. We named him Scrappy because he picks scraps with other cats.

Do you have any advice for potential cat parents?

It’s hugely important that future cat parents understand that the kitten or cat they keep is for life and can be quite expensive. I would always advise potential cat parents to have a long think as to whether they’re able to look after the cat in the long run. If you’re looking for a pedigree breed, please read up on the breed so you’re sure about their exact needs. Moggie (non-pedigree breeds) can also be beautiful, so give them a chance too! I’d also like to add that black cats are often overlooked because of the myth they were stuck with in the medieval era (of being bad luck or evil). I can definitely confirm it’s a myth, without a doubt. With Scrappy being technically a black cat, I can vouch that black cats are fun, beautiful, wise-looking, energetic, affectionate and loving, mysterious yet charming, and are definitely good luck charms (like Scrappy is for me).

What’s his purrrsonality like?

Scrappy is extremely loving and affectionate towards me, Mary and other visitors. He can also be quite grumpy at times (I suppose that comes with being a senior cat). At first he was very hissy with the new kittens that came into his home, but has improved a lot over a month. He used to hiss and swat for them to move out of his way and now he barely does that, even sharing his food and space with the kittens. He’s also a very vocal cat; when Scrappy isn’t sleeping or eating he can be heard meowing loudly because he wants to eat or go outside. Not only is his meow loud, but he also has a fairly loud purr.

What does Scrappy think about being famous?

Scrappy is a total diva! :D He isn’t the best cat to take photos of as most of the time he looks the other way or walks away. Photos will be taken when he wants them taken, it seems.

What are Scrappy’s likes and dislikes?

Scrappy really doesn’t like being kept indoors for too long. He also doesn’t like his belly being rubbed by anyone other than myself. He loves the outdoors and loves a bit of chicken (he goes crazy for chicken).

What’s something we probably don’t know about Scrappy?

Although Scrappy is absolutely gorgeous and loving, he keeps me and Mary up most of the night due to his loud meows. At random hours of the night he’ll yowl to be let out, which has only occurred with age. Despite this we still love him dearly!

Is there anything interesting about Scrappy that you’d like to add?

Scrappy has a wart at the side of his nose that, like his vitiligo, doesn’t affect his health at all. Due to his love of being in the sun (like most black cats who sunbathe), the fur on his belly looks brown in colour under certain lights.

Thanks, David, for giving us an inside look into Scrappy’s long and happy life. We’re excited to see how his beautiful coat keeps changing, so keep the pictures coming!