Very often we think that the things and situations that we experience are very much unique and because of this, not that many people can relate to us. But oh, how good it is when we finally meet someone who understands our struggle and can laugh with us, especially when we reveal disappointing or embarrassing moments of our life. If you haven’t found that person yet, don’t worry, because this online group called Wholesome Memes for Kindhearted Homies shares these hilarious pictures that a lot of internet users can relate to. Whether these are depicting some cute and inspiring stories or funny and identifiable situations, here are 40 of the best pictures that will probably put a smile on your face.

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Could it be that these funny and engaging pictures that we see scrolling through our phones have deeper outcomes than just making us smile for a couple of minutes? According to the research that was conducted by American Psychological Association, people who, in this case, “consumed” memes during the pandemic, especially on this topic, were coping with the situation better than those who decided to use different types of media.

How do we find memes helpful instead of, perhaps, a distraction? One factor is that very often, memes are found to be relatable in one way or another. For example, when COVID-19 touched each and every one of us in slightly different ways, we found comfort in understanding that we are not alone in this. When facing this unprecedented situation and being frightened by the news every day, memes work as a coping mechanism that eases the stress and minimizes the fear of the unknown.

Do you find yourself scrolling through funny pictures when the times get tough? What are some of the other strategies that you use to ease the tension and stress? Don’t forget to leave your tips and tricks in the comments down below!

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