Out of all the birds on Planet Earth, eagles are probably the coolest, hummingbirds are the most amusing, but when it comes to cuteness, we vote for ducks! They’re fluffy. They’re cuddly. They’ll brighten up even the darkest of days.

To put a smile on your face on this cold and blustery Autumn day, we here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of pictures of the cutest ducks we found. We hope you’ll enjoy yourself, so scroll down and upvote the quackos that you liked, and be sure to share this post with your friends who are in need of some cuddly cuteness in their lives. Let us know in the comments which duck was your favorite and why.

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Ducks are so ubiquitous in our lives that we barely even notice them, like pigeons, cats, dogs, or our friendly neighborhood pack of cheetahs. However, the more you learn about ducks, the more fascinating they become. Then you realize, that even an ordinary bird like a duck can be extraordinary when you give it a little bit of extra attention.

Bored Panda reached out to the incredibly popular Ducks account on Twitter to hear more about these amazing birds.

"My community loves ducks. It was started because I love animals and saw that ducks were starting to become lovable pets so I decided to make an account. My mission is to make people smile!" the creator and moderator of the page told us.

"I think that they are unique and beautiful. They are very innocent looking. The can also be funny. Perfect mixture of cute and funny," the creator of the Ducks Twitter page said.

They added this fun fact about ducks: "They can also live in salt water."

There are species of ducks all over the world, on every continent, except for Antarctica. What’s incredibly cool is that adult males are called drakes, which evokes all kinds of mythological associations.

The biology of ducks is nothing to laugh at: their feathers are so waterproof that the down next to their skin remains dry even when they dive underwater. What’s more, baby ducks are able to swim right after their down dries after hatching. That is just fascinatingly cute.

Another interesting fact about ducks is that most species of this bird find a new mate each breeding season. That’s like having a new wife or husband each year. Ducks aren’t as picky about food as human toddlers: they’ll gladly eat almost anything, from grass and insects to fish and fruit.

Though we’re used to thinking that ducks go ‘quack, there aren’t many duck species who say that. Most male ducks are the silent type, but those that ‘speak’ usually growl, grunt, groan, squeak, whistle, or bray. Furthermore, female ducks are much bigger fans of ‘talking’ than their male counterparts. We hope that after reading these facts you’ll agree that ducks truly are amazing creatures. And cute too.

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