I firmly believe the best way to turn a great day into a purrfect one is to spend some time with criminally cute cats. No offense to all you doggos out there (believe me, I love you all, too), but cats are awesome.

But don't worry if you don’t have a cat or two by your side at this very moment. Bored Panda created a list of wholesome kitty photos to keep you company. Share the ones you enjoy the most with your friends to brighten up their day, keep scrolling, and remember to upvote your favorite furry felines!

No matter what a cat does - whether it’s sitting in a box or stretching - it remains photogenic. Maybe it's the catnip, I don't know. The point is, they can't take a bad photo. Whether they're pooping in the litter box or munching on a mouse they just caught, their expression is spot-on. Some felines seem far too serious, others look cuter than Puss in Boots, while still others make us laugh with their playful antics. It’s no wonder that the Internet is filled to the brim with animal lovers showing off their passion for cats.

Whether cats are mega chonkers or kitty cats that like to dance dance dance, I think we can agree that we adore them all equally and would gladly bring them back home to live with us.

In the United States, more households have puppers than mousers. However, more cats are kept as pets. Ruff-ly 70 million dogs and 75 million cats live in the US. Meanwhile, global feline population estimates vary wildly because of the millions and millions of feral cats that roam free. They have absolutely no intention of staying still long enough to take part in a survey. Overall, an estimated 220 to 600 million cats live on planet Earth.

A tabby’s life can seem like a never-ending holiday, what with the amount of time they spend napping between meals. Cats truly are notorious sleepy-heads. They snooze 12 to 16 hours every single day. Meanwhile, older cats sleep even more, sometimes for up to 20 hours a day! That’s bound to turn anyone green with envy.

Here’s a fun fact for all you Harry Potter and Crookshanks fans out there: hairballs that cats regurgitate are called trichobezoars. Unfortunately, unlike in the Wizarding World universe, real-life bezoars don’t work as antidotes to poison and will make you ill. Don’t eat them.

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