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Who Knew Cleaning Out My Mom’s Basement Would Turn Into Such A Beautiful Thing…
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Digital Art5 years ago

Who Knew Cleaning Out My Mom’s Basement Would Turn Into Such A Beautiful Thing…

When my mom decided to move and downsize, we all came over and started going through her house. Going through the basement I noticed she still had her embroidery/cross stitching supplies and a bunch of scrap book paper leftover from her crafty days. I was going nuts at this point cause I hate throwing away things. So of course I grabbed that supplies up! As well as some other random things (That maybe I didn’t need).

Using my quilling addiction and sewing skills I started to create new little pieces. Materials are mostly random pieces of paper, beads, thread, some sort of cloth and occasionally paint and wool.

Here is what happened when I started to put all that supplies to work!

Btw if you really like it you can buy it on Etsy or you can follow me on Instagram and see how I use the rest of the materials! @thewanderingkittycat

I am currently trying my very best to use only recycled materials, reusing old materials I have, found objects, occasionally I get “donations” in a sense or buy used things in order to create more pieces.

More info: Etsy

Colorfully Quilled Gardenesque


Pow! Its Color Theory!

Pow! Its Color Theory!

It Seems a Little Fishy…


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