Kanye West has been hitting the headlines incessantly of late, with his odd fashion designs, comments on slavery and weird lurch toward right wing figures being the source of baffled amusement, as well as anger and disappointment among many of his fans.

And so Kanye is once again the topic of many a conversation, which is, in my opinion, exactly what he wants. This particular conversation took place in a barbershop, that precious bastion of a public place where strangers will still readily engage in friendly chat without the aid of alcohol.

The barbershop was in Harlem, and apparently has an almost exclusively black clientele. Except on Tuesday. Tuesday has “a white dude.”

And so the story begins. Tweeted out by Twitter user @RafiDAngelo, it is the hilarious tale of Kanye becoming, inevitably, the center of heated conversation, and a plucky white dude brazenly giving his two cents on the matter in a ‘black’ barbershop. How did it all go down? Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

It looked like an ordinary barbershop visit to a Twitter user @RafiDAngelo until he saw a white guy sitting there

Image credits: Rafi D’Angelo

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