I’ll start with mine. I took a girl out for a nice romantic meal and we ate, drank and were merry for several hours. All was going really well until my card was declined and I couldn’t pay! I had to go back the next day with the cash and no, she never wanted to see me again.


The guy seemed nice enough. We had chatted online for several weeks. We decided to meet at a local bar and hang out. Everything was fine, or so I thought. We were talking about parenting. He said he his kids still hadn't forgiven him for the dog incident years ago. What dog incident? Well, he had left some important government documents out in the dining room. The puppy had found them and had fun with them. When he got home and saw the papers were destroyed, he took the dog out back and beat it over the head with an iron bar until it died. He told me this quite casually. I sat there glued to the barstool, with a fake some kind of expression on my face, not able to move or speak or do anything but experience absolute horror. He chuckled and said the kids were still pissed off about it. I was actually afraid for my own life at that point. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, trying to figure out how I could run. When I came out, he was watching the door like a hawk, and smiling. I sat back down. Still couldn't speak. He tried to kiss me. I faked coughing. I said I had to pop out for some air. He followed me and tried to kiss me again, pushing me up against the wall of the building. I can't express how absolutely terrified and horrified I was. I said we should go back inside. He continued to tell me stories and I was just internally panicking the whole time. Eventually, finally, he went to the bathroom and I bolted. I mean, bolted, like I ran, out of the bar, down the street, around the corner to the parking lot, full blast. Drove home breaking every speed limit. Bolted my doors and turned off the lights. Went through all the online chats and deleted everything and blocked him. I'm still haunted by that one.



So mine is a little long, so here it goes:
Met this girl online and thought she was cute in the pics and we chatted for like a day or two online before we decided to meet up for a dinner and a movie date. Well when we met she looked drastically different from her picture, like a lot heavier than what she looked like in her profile. But I decided to give her a chance anyway and so we went to dinner. As we walked in to a local pub she was very rude to the hostess and very judgmental to the rest of the women she saw there. She kept saying snide nasty comments like "look at her she looks so whorish in that." or " Eww look at her, she is so ugly." That was red flag number one. Then as we were seated she proceeded to berate the waitress, talk down to her and just be very demanding. Red flag number 2.
So after dinner ( I paid, and apologized to the waitress and gave her a good tip.) we went on a walk around the downtown before going to buy our movie tickets. As we were walking she kept talking about how if I want to have a chance with her, I need to spoil her by buying her things and treating her like the princess she is. Red flag #3. Then she proceeded to talk about wanting to own a lifted pink hummer with the words Puerto Rican Princess on the side and say that we can cuddle at her house. Also while saying that she said "oh I also have a boyfriend so you are just going to come when I want and take me out." After that I just said "Ok, I am done, first of all you are to vapid and rude for me to put up with, you also have a boyfriend and said you single. So no I am leaving. " As I walked away she screamed " you don't know what you're missing." and a bunch of expletives.



I have so many. Let's start with the guy that I met online. We texted and talked for a few weeks and decided to meet for coffee. He shows up and is dropped off by a friend and he has a suitcase. I asked him if he was traveling somewhere. He says, "to your place". I said no, and he goes on to explain to me that he MUST stay with me because he told his roommate he could have the apartment for the weekend so he really didn't have anywhere to go.
Now, think about this. This is our first meeting and he shows up with a suitcase, packed to move in with me for a few days. He just assumed he was so irresistible that I was going to take him home immediately and let him stay with me. I noped right out of there before I even had half of a cup of coffee. He has the nerve to follow me outside and ask me if I can at least save him cab fare and take him to ex's house.



It's not been my date, but still the worse. My best friend met someone online. As they wanted to meet, the arranged to go to the cinema. My friend asked me to come with her, just to be nearby. Well, just in case... I was in the Cafe across the street. She waited in front of the cinema, but he didn't show. So she went in, as he didn't answer the phone she thought he's maybe inside and turned the phone off. I followed her in, because I couldn't see her with anybody. She bought one ticket and went in. I bought another one and sat two rows behind her, because I still was not sure if he will show up. I watched her cry the entire movie and I still don't know why I just didn't sat next to her.



I had been "talking to" this guy for a few weeks but we'd never gone out.
One Sunday morning I get a message that said, "wanna meet me at (pub local to him) to watch the game?" (our teams were playing each other)

I said, 'sure,' got ready, drove 45 minutes, paid $10 to park, squished into the tiniest, most crowded bar on the planet, spotted the guy, made my way over, discovered he hadn't bothered to save me a seat & didn't offer his, but the guy next to him claimed he was leaving... (I saw him a halftime...)
At this point, I wondered why I bothered.

I ordered a drink, the bartender gave us menus, & the guy said, "order whatever you want," which I did, we both did...food & more drinks...

Things got better after the game started.
We talked a bit, laughed a lot, even ordered dessert.

After my team kicked his team's rear, he excused himself to the restroom and said we'd leave when he got back.

He. Never. Came. Back.

I was left with a $93 bar tab.

I later got a message that said there was some emergency & he had to leave quickly, he'd pay me back next time.

There was NO next time.

Screw me over once, strike three.



My friends forced me onto an online dating site (read they created a profile for me and picked out matches) after a 4 year long relationship ended and insisted I get back out there. I went on 3 dates total, all of them horrible.

The worst, guy asks me if I can pick him up because his car is in the shop. Okay, no big deal, crap happens but he at least gave me enough notice to change plans. I got pick him up and start to drive to the restaurant when he asks me to pull into a fast food parking lot because he needs to use the restroom (mind you this is all of 5 minutes after we've left his apartment). Okay, strange, but maybe nervous bladder. Special me assumes he's going to go inside, like a normal human. Nope, dude goes to the dumpsters and proceeded to do his business hidden behind one of the dumpsters. That was enough to make me be done, but nope, it gets better. Mid pee, cops show up and not only do the pull out their citation book, they address him by name. I overheard one of the cops say "Joe-Blow, haven't we talked about this before, you can't take care of business in public like this."

At this point I didn't even wait around, I flat left him in that parking lot and went and bought myself some nice take out to take home and spend the evening on my couch where I promptly deleted the dating account and planned payback on my so called friends.



Blind date, did as a favor for a friend. He showed up with flowers, candy and a stuffed animal. Overkill for sure. We went to a nice pizza place and suddenly his entire church group showed up. Yup, he knew they were coming. Worse, they all stood and sang church music to "inspire" the other diners. After 3 songs manager asked them to stop and they all prayed for him (silently). When he took me home he said, "I hope it's ok that I don't kiss on a first date". You bet it was ok.



I was in high school - 10th grade - when this happened. My brother (4 years older than me) set me up on a date with a guy I’d gone to school with, and was in my grade. I liked Qu well enough, but I wasn’t interested, and I don’t know why my brother did that. On a Saturday night Qu got me from my home around 7pm. He was very polite, met my folks, and we left. He even opened the car door for me. As we pulled away from my house, Qu said “We’re gonna get something to eat first cuz I told your brother I’d take you to dinner, and a movie.” I said “ok.” I didn’t know what else to say. This came out of the blue, and surprised me. I think we went to Carrow’s or Denny’s. Again, Qu opened the door to the restaurant for me. I said “thank you”. I ordered an average priced meal. Qu asked what it was (I’m thinking it’s polite interest), so I tell him, and he responded “good. Cuz I told your brother I’m not paying for a fancy meal.” I stayed quiet, I really didn’t know how to respond to this curtness. We made polite conversation, and when we both finished eating, the waiter came & asked if we wanted dessert. Qu looked at me and said “No.” I smiled at him, looked at the waiter and said with glee “I’ll have this!”as I pointed to an expensive dessert. The waiter smiled at me, “shall I bring 2 spoons?” Qu frowned, and said “No.” I winked at the waiter, and said “that would be nice.” Even though I was full from dinner, I ate half, and took the rest home. Qu didn’t say much while I ate. I’d push the plate to him to share, but he didn’t want any. After getting tickets at the theatre, and finding a place to sit, Qu looked at the blank screen, he said to me, “I’m not gonna hold your hand, or put my arm around you.” I looked at him and said quite honestly, “I hope not. That would be super gross, and very weird.” He gave me a stunned look. I continued. “I mean seriously. I know you. It’s enough that you took me to dinner, and a show. Don’t get mental on me, and think something’s gonna happen. You know my brother, so don’t be getting gross, with hand holding, and stuff. Do I have to pay for my own popcorn, and soda?” He said nothing. Not a word about dinner, or dessert, or even my brother. And I had to pay for own refreshments. I remember enjoying the movie. On the way back to my house, he groused again, “I don’t know why I said I would do this. I’m not taking you out again. I don’t care what your brother says.” I started laughing. I mean REALLY laughing. “What’s so funny? This isn’t funny!” I kept laughing, “yes it is! If you weren’t stupid enough to whine, and cry at my brother because you don’t have a girlfriend, and you just want to go on a date with someone -“ then I yelled “THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED!!” He got real quiet. I kept going. “But instead YOU agreed to take ME out, and you did nothing but complain about it. We could’ve had fun, but you decided whining was better.” Crickets. I added “and if that brother of mine ,that you love and adore, does this to me again- I’m gonna slaughter him in his sleep. Then you’ll be next, just on gp.” I turned on the radio, changed his station, and sang along with the song that was playing. Qu pulled up, and before he could move, I quickly unbuckled the seatbelt, grabbed his face, kissed his cheek, and smiled “Thank you! This is the worst date ever! I can hardly wait to tell my brother ALL the details!” Then I ran out of the car, and into my house. My brother did ask, and I told him the truth. Including slaughtering him in his sleep. He looked at me, and without batting an eye, he said “where’s the leftover dessert?” I didn’t give him any, and ate it standing right in front of him. Qu & I didn’t talk for a long time. Eventually it was forgotten. Until now.



Nothing as bad as the previous writers. 1). Went and sat at a park in the North Beach area of San Francisco. He talked about all his drug use and how bad his heart was.
2). Did not contribute to any of the conversation. Come to find out he was married-in the process of getting a divorce and didn't know how to tell me. I said that I didn't want any drama and cut it of.



I went on a date then his other girlfiend turned up



I met a guy through a dating app, I really liked him, he was intelligent, had a good job (he is a doctor), and really handsome, we met at a bar and it was nice, we met again a couple time then he invites me home to have a drink then we should go to a restaurant, when we arrived at his place we heard a notification from his computer, it was a message from his team from a MMORPG saying they have a raid this evening, he said to me that he had to play... Then we didn't go to the restaurant and it was on his couch playing while I was watching TV waiting for him to stop but it never ended after a lot of time so I left and never saw him again...



I met someone online and we arranged to meet at a local pub. He was already visibly intoxicated when I arrived. He kept pressuring me to do shots with him, even though I repeatedly and politely declined. He was very odd and kept the conversation about himself. I feigned illness and left.



Well... It wasn't a date exactly but it's the story of my very FIRST break-up that I didn't end. The boy was cute, smart, and nice. He was the same age as me and we had dated for about 4 months. I had cut my hair short(like REALLY short) Then, I was riding home on the bus literally the DAY BEFORE we were going to go on a date, he texted me. This is the conversation:

Ex: Hey.
Me: Hey!
Ex: Listen, we have to talk.
Me: Okay..?

at this point, I was getting kinda nervous.

Ex: Just promise me that you won't be upset.
Me: Alright.. What's up
Ex: I uh.. I like someone else.
Me: ...
Ex: Listen, I'm sorry but I don't like you anymore and no offense but you look like a boy with your hair that short.
Me: Alright. *thumbs up emoji*
Ex: Wow. Did you even like me?
Me: Why do you care, your not my boyfriend anymore.

(I was crying inside though.)

That's the story of how I got text-dumped :I



2- Parter So technically these were my first 'dates' - I had never dated, never had a partner. Someone from my sister's HS class (only a year older) reached out to me on FB. We talked a little bit - we were both film students - and agreed to meet at a Mall that was central to our distance. I thought we would meet and we'd go to a restaurant or find a table at the food-court or something but no... he found us an empty bench inside the mall and proceeded to talk to me about his projects. We didn't walk around or anything - just sat on a bench as he talked at me. Towards the end he finally asked about me and my interests, etc. It was awkward. But he was cute, and it was my first 'date' and I was nervous so whatever. Then he messages me again and talks about taking me to the Observatory! To me this is perfect, great date idea. I meet him at his place and he drives us there. After he parks he says he knows a 'secret' way in so that we don't have to pay admission (even though admission is free - he probably didn't know I knew that). Even after we go in, I'm more excited than he is, and after 15 minutes he suggests we leave to go get something to eat. We don't go to a restaurant. At this point I would've been okay at sitting in at a f*****g Panda Express... but he takes us to a drive thru at MCDONALDS... and then ASKS FOR TWO SEPARATE ORDERS. (Listen, I'm more than willing to go dutch - but f*****g McD's? For a date? Are you serious?). Then he drove us to a nearby park and we ate our food as he talked more about himself while I honestly thought he was gonna kill me or something in broad daylight. Because the situation had gone from weird to creepy in 0.5 seconds. Let's just say I was glad he drove me back to my car. He even had the audacity to say "let's do this again soon".



My prom, mostly just because of the circumstances not because of the guy. We had rented a limo and I was very excited however my date had gotten in trouble because his parents found pot in his room so his punishment....his mom was going to drive us to the prom in her station wagon...Ok that was kinda embarrassing as she drove us up front and center and also sort of a punishment for me as well even though I hadn't done anything but whatever at least we got to go. We went to a fancy restaurant with another couple...the other guy didn't bring enough money so my date had to spot him and was left without money for a tip so the boys literally bum rushed us through the door. I wore a velvet Jessica McClintock dress which would have been fine however because we sat in a booth and my pantyhose made me hot, a combination of my body heat, the booth, and the velvet left a huge heart shaped crushed velvet spot on my ass...I spent 20 min. In the restaurant restroom near tears with old ladies and other patrons gathered around desperately trying to help me fix it...bless them. I spent the night dancing while trying to hold my evening bag over my ass.



I met a sales rep from our company when she was visiting our corporate office in San Francisco. We hit it off and had a fantastic weekend together, so she invited me to spend New Year's Eve with her in Chicago. I was born in Chicago, but I hadn't been there since then, so I was doubly excited to go. I even arranged VIP access to an early NYE show at an improv theater that my father used to belong to there. When I got to Chicago, she acted like she barely knew me, and like it was an imposition to have me there. Before my arrival, she had also assured me that she was dialed into the clubs there, but I soon found out that I had to do the dialing when we went out on NYE. In San Francisco, I never have to wait in line for clubs and events. That night I in Chicago, I had to bribe our way into places. My consolation prize was twofold, however, in that I hooked up with one of her friends at a late-night house party we went to (my host was pissed), and I discovered Krispy Kreme donuts for the first time, at 5 AM while they were serving hot donuts!



We met for drinks and I spent 2 1/2 hours nodding my head and saying,"Oh! Wow! Uh-huh. Mmm. Uh-huh. Oh! Uh-huh...."
After the first 20 minutes, I just wanted to see how long he would keep talking."



Second date he says "I like you, I want to introduce you to my mum". Okay, a bit early in a relationship for this, but no problem. So he takes me to a cemetery and introduced me to his mother's headstone. Umm, "Hello dead mum." So that was nice.



Not my worst date but his. In the 60's I was talked into being a replacement blind date for a friend who had planned a double-date but the girl had cancelled and my friend couldn't reach her boyfriend. Turned out that the guy had also cancelled and her boyfriend, since he couldn't reach my friend, scrambled to find a replacement (too bad we didn't yet have cell phones) Neither replacement was eager. We went to a dance club. The club was very hot so I went into the rest room and removed my 'fall' (a hairpiece, popular in the 60's, for turning short hair into long hair). Bill (the replacement) told me later that my 'weird' action made him decide he'd try a second date. Years later he told me that this was his worst date ever. In a few days we will celebrate our 48th anniversary. However our kids and grandkids say he's the weird one, not me. Quiet but weird in a good way.



He seemed like a nice enough guy and I was tired of my friends telling me to find someone niiiiiice. Uhhuh.. he took me to dinner in a coffee shop in an automotive garage. Nothing stimulates your appetite like the smell of gasoline and motor oil. That would have been bad enough, but when he took me home he tried to kiss me .. but he had a large gross cold sore. Yeah.. I RAN back to dating the bad boys.



Prom - 20 years ago.

I dated a guy from February sophomore year of HS to November of junior year. We break up; no big deal. Following February he wants to get back together with me (he thought I would ask him to the winter formal); I decline.

Fast forward to May. Was asked to prom by a friend. Ex bf PAID OFF the friend and PAID SOMEONE ELSE to go as his date all because I wouldn't date him again.


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I met a man using OLD. When we were sending each other messages back and forth, he told me he didn't drive because he had a seizure disorder. You never know, so I wanted to meet him. If he turned out to be a good man, it would be worth being the one who always drove. So I go to pick him up, he's outside waiting and looks nothing like his photo's. Looks aren't everything though, so I'm trying to stay optimistic. We hadn't decided on a specific place for dinner and I asked him what he liked. He said he didn't care, whatever I wanted. The first restaurant we saw was an Italian place. He said he ate that all the time at home and wanted something else. Next, we came up on a Mexican restaurant and he says Mexican upsets his stomach. Then a Chinese place and he says he ate that all the time and was sick of it. Now I'm starting to feel irritated and the next restaurant we saw, a seafood place, I pulled in and said this looks good and parked. We went in, ordered and started talking. He proceeds to tell me he lives with his mother and step father, it was their home I picked him up at. He's been married and divorced 3 times and has 4 children he doesn't see or pay child support for, because he moved across the country to move back in with his parents and he works at Burger King, part time. Then he laughs and says he "got out" of child support, because he's on disability and doesn't earn enough to pay it. As if all that wasn't enough for there to NOT be a second date, when I was full, I stopped eating and he said, "Aren't you going to finish your plate?" When I told him no, he said, "Well, I borrowed money from my mom to pay for it," like that meant I HAD to eat the rest of it, like a "good" girl. I don't use OLD to meet men anymore.



Early 1990s, I met a bartender at a club in Miami. He was working his way through law school. He was attractive and seemed really sweet. We went on two dates and everything was going well. On the third date, after dinner, he drives us to a desolate area to talk. Once he parked the car, he tells me he has something to tell me. Then he reaches behind my seat and pulls out a giraffe hand puppet and slips it on. He tells me his therapist told him to use the puppet to convey his feelings. He then proceeds to tell me how much he likes me in a strange baby voice. I never saw him after that date. It was too much too soon. Years later, Sex and the City was asking for worst date stories on the Salon website. I submitted my story. I have wondered wondered about the movie The Beaver with Mel Gibson.



Not one in particular, but all those dates that I didn't realise was a date, and that I really had a chance.



OMG... lol sooo there was a guy at my work that had been interested in me in quite some time but he was kind of a pompous ass. You know the type, always talks about themselves and they know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and they've DONE everything. What I like to call a "one upper" if you tell them you helped a little old lady walk across the street, he of course at one point carried an old lady across the street with all of her bags and cats... you get my drift. But on the other hand he was fun to debate with and I had known him for a loooong time. We had never spent time together outside of work so I thought maybe... just maybe that's his work attitude. So when my birthday rolled around one year he asked if I had ever has sushi. I had not and expressed interest in trying it, thus the date was born. We decided to meet half way and take his car as we lived in opposite sides of town. Once I got in his car I knew it was going to be a disaster. The whole ride and meal all he did was talk about him. Any time I tried to contribute to the conversation I was interrupted and one upped. I finally stayed quiet. After the date he asked if we could go shopping... I was like ok... maybe this will be fun... he took me to Goodwill Y'all. Goodwill! I'm not bashing on goodwill don't get me wrong, I LOVE that store especially on weekends. But a first date.... ON my birthday? I will say though he did buy me some awesome Dr. Pepper pj pants so that was cool. The ride back to my car? Back to all about him. OMG... now he's engaged to a gorgeous woman which whom I've met and she is AMAZING... I want so bad to ask her how she deals with Mr. All about Him 24/7.... wow.



1) Guy who wondered aloud repeatedly if I'd been sexually abused or raped at some point in my life, because I wouldn't sleep with him on a first date

2) Guy who told me on first date he was a Druid and that he had a kid (my dating profile said no kids). The druid thing also never mentioned previously in texting/chatting -- and he was serious about it

3) Noped out before first date: Met a guy dancing, really liked him, he really liked me. A few phone calls in told me he had a wife and mistress already, still thought he might fit me in...



We were kicked out of the pub, because my date had food poisoning, and the staff thought he was drugged. I had to accompany home a 120 kg guy who couldn't stop vomiting in the cab. Pretty romantic, no?



None. because no one likes me



Yes . . . I went out with a man who was stunningly handsome . . . over dinner he proceeds to tell me of his alien encounter, in incredible detail. I "Mmm"-ed and "Hmm"-ed as long as I could, looking around, not paying attention. Then I started saying things like "They didn't learn anything from you, did they." and "A whole 'nother species who didn't even know you threw you back -- says a lot about you, and them." While he was STILL talking, I get up under the pretext of the bathroom . . . but I corner the waitress in the hall, get her to show me out the back of the place and not to tell him 'til she sees me drive off. At least he had the decency NEVER to talk to me again . . .



Bad dates don't just happen when you are young...
She was 48, me 52. We had been seeing each other about a month. She lived in the suburbs and me in town. Since I had the more flexible schedule I usually went out her way.

One day I asked her if there was anything she would especially like to do for a date. To my surprise she told me she would like to go to one of the more notorious strip clubs in town. Surprised but intrigued, I agreed.

The next Saturday night she met me at my house and we went to the club. I had 100 $1 bills with me and she proceeded to drink heavily and tip everyone. It was an absolute scream and better than I could have wished. I looked forward to getting her back to the house.

So club time ended and we drove to my house. We walk in and up the stairs to my bedroom and there is my 10 year old Old English Sheepdog on his bed snoozing. My lady had met Quincy before and decided to go say hello again.

Before I could stop her she pranced over to my snoozing dog, bent over, grabbed his head and tried to rub noses with him will shrilling at him. Old and harshly awoken, Quincy nipped her nose.

She yelled and pulled back. Nose bleeding. Blood oozing through her hands. Runs to the bathroom. I follow and see her dabbing at her nose, cursing. Maybe a 1.5 inch gash down one side of the bridge of her nose.

My lady instantly sobered up. Continued cursing and stormed out of the house. As I watched her drive away I was still trying to process what had happened in the last three minutes.

She did not respond to my call or text that night. The next day, Sunday, she continued to not respond. I'm thinking she and I might be done...

Monday at noon I get a call. From my county's Animal Services. I was to bring in Quincy and surrender him to the county for a two week quarantine. It seems my lady went to the hospital Saturday night after she left my house and the hospital filed a vicious dog bite report.

So Quincy and I went to Animal Services. Big, gentle, slow, clearly old Sheepdog melted the heart of the lady we spoke with. Talking fast I pointed out his age and shared what happened. Animal Services decided that Quincy could quarantine at home IF he never left our property AND he got seen by our vet and cleared for rabies. Agreed! We dodged a bullet. Was going to cost a little money for the vet but my old dog could remain at home.

That was Monday.

Tuesday rolls around. I receive a special delivery letter from an attorney. Seems my lady friend wasn't happy. The letter informed me that I had to reimburse her for the hospital expense incurred AND for the expected plastic surgery to correct any damage or scarring to her pristine and delicate nose.

Lovely. She lawyered up. This s**t got serious.

The next day I contacted my attorney and explained the situation. My attorney is a little bulldog of a lady and an animal lover so she dived right in. She promised to do a little research and contact the lady's attorney.

Thursday I am sweating. Thoughts going through my head. Cost of plastic surgery out of pocket.... Ouch!

Friday my attorney calls me early afternoon. Turns out that in my state an animal in his home has rights. Seems he can defend himself if a stranger is aggressive. After being confronted with this information, and a full account of our date night, my lady's attorney decided to drop the case.


Never did see or hear from my lady friend again. I reached out repeatedly to apologize but no response.

I still have Quincy. He's 15 now. I joke with friends and family that Quincy is an ex-con then share the story. Gentle old guy and all he wanted was to snooze.

I had high hopes for my lady. I thought we were on a good track. The combination of a strip club, alcohol and an Old English Sheepdog likely saved me from a huge mistake.



I had talked about 4 times with what turned out to be THE worst date of my life. He lived 70 miles from me and agreed to meet half way although it was more like 3/4 for me. We went into a dive that reeked of stale cigar smoke and greasy food. As I'm choking down my food, he picked up and unfolded a cocktail sized napkin. He stuck the middle of it on the corner of his eye and it remained IN PLACE for possibly half an hour. He finally removed the napkin just as I finished eating. I indicated that I must get going after I thanked him for the dinner to which he offered to pay. He followed me out to my car and I deftly dodged his attempted kiss. I managed quickly to get into my car and off I went but not until he asked when we were going to see each other again.


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My one and only blind date: A friend of a friend of a friend of my friend was visiting from out of town, and wanted a "night out in the big city". I very reluctantly agreed, and a group date (3 couples) was arranged. I suggested a hip-hop dance club that had just opened near me.
My "date" began the evening by refusing to make any conversation whatsoever, not even to tell me his last name or what he did for a living. He then segued into a repertoire of "101 N-----r Jokes" (we 6 were the only white folks in the place). Seeing I wasn't impressed, he proceeded to get completely drunk.
When I ditched him and began dancing, he started a bar fight that spilled into the parking lot and became a miniature race riot, where my date and his two equally obnoxious, racist, a-hole buddies proceeded to get the ever-lovin' sh*t kicked out of them by 5 or 6 very big, very pissed-off black guys.
My friend became hysterical, screaming "Can't we all just get along?"
After scraping half our number off the asphalt, we tried to load everyone into the van, hoping to avoid the rapidly approaching police sirens. My "date" refused to move, called me several foul names, then pulled a knife out of his boot and put it in my face.

I was beyond done with this guy, these people, and this whole scene. I reached into my imaginary bag of Mrs. Potato-Head accessories, put in my angry voice and crazy eyes, and told him to go ahead, try it, and we'll see just which one of us goes home in pieces.

He got in the van without another word.

Next day he told my friend that he thought I was really cool, and asked her if I'd go out with him again.



Met this guy online, we talked for a month and decided to meet for dinner. He chose a buffet, saying that we will be dining in one of the private dining rooms. He met me at the entrance and escorted me to the private room where about 15 members of his family were already eating, he forgot to tell me if was his Aunts birthday party. Surprisingly to him (and i)
His aunt stood up and announced that this was an intervention( for my date), I was frozen, over and over I heard multiple family members talk about his drug use and how they're done loaning him money, and if he doesn't go to treatment today, they're cutting him off. I said that I had to use the restroom, and left. I blocked him from everything.



Met this guy for the first time for dinner - after few days texting. He came with another guy who wouldn't leave the table all evening. He tried telling me how cheap my house was valued, how much less I was earning, etc. After few awkward minutes, I just paid my bill and took off.

I agreed to meet the guy again because he wanted to make it up for the bad time. Second meeting, this other guy still wants to tag along, and on the phone he's accusing me for making the guy not take him out again!



This wasn't me, but at my school

In first grade, (in 6th now) there was a boy EVERYONE hated named Leo. The kid called teachers retards, insulted the kids, had rich parents. He had a crush on a 6th grader named Samantha. All of us, eager to get revenge on him, tell him to propose to Samantha. He finds the ring his dad used to propose to his first girlfriend (mom was second) and dresses in a suit. Samantha is a really sweet innocent girl. We get her to sit down in a place we called 'Solitude Rock' which was basically flowers surrounding a chair shaped rock hidden from the yard. Leo gets down on one knee, and proposes. Just then Samantha's little sister, Julia, pops out from behind the rock, says yes, grabs the ring, and kisses Leo full on the lips. They officially 'dated' until 3rd grade, when Leo cheated on her with her twin, Armetis. It was a huge scandal. Apparently Leo had been supposed to take Julia to Krispy Kreme and they would eat/share a donut. He never showed up, so she went to check it out. Her parents are divorced, she lives with her mom and Samantha. Armetis with her dad. She finds Leo sharing a donut with Armetis. And they finish with a kiss. In other words-Leo and Armetis were banned from Krispy Kreme and Julia got a warning. Lots of fighting. Julia's fam has switched schools and Leo has been sent to juvie for defacing public property and stealing a video game console.



I was 18 and easily dazzled. There was this guy who came around a few times a week to the park where everyone hung out. He had this wicked vintage Chevy step side pick up, candy apple blue, chrome wheels, fat tires in the back, engine sounded beast. He wasn't particularly good looking but his truck made him hotter somehow.

I was dying to ride around in that pick up and began dropping hints to that effect. It works! He tells me he has an appointment that afternoon but could he pick me up for a date that Friday after he gets off work? You betcha!

So Friday rolls around and I've painstakingly done my make up, put on my cutest outfit, spent forever on my hair, etc. I'm anxiously awaiting his arrival, peering out the window and listening for that trademark gutteral sound his engine made. 45 minutes after he was supposed to be there a ratty, beat up, early 70's Ford pick up pulls up and stops in front of my house. I can't see the driver but suddenly the horn honks loudly.

I go outside to see who this idiot was, noting what a piece of garbage this truck was. Smoke puffed from the exhaust, the smell of grease and oil surrounded it, there were no rims and the tires looked fairly bald. The cab was gray primer, the bed a hideous green with dents and rust spots. As I got closer the passenger door opens up. It's my date. WHAT???

He's in a dirty t shirt and jeans, his hair is wild and has particles of I don't know what in it. The bench seat had been removed from the truck cab and now a swivel bucket seat was bolted in front of the steering wheel and for the passenger to sit on? An overturned 5 gallon bucket!! The door panels were gone, most of the dash was gone, the truck dies as I'm staring in disbelief.

"Where is YOUR truck???" I ask. He attempts to restart the truck, the ignition turns over and over, it coughs, sputters, then backfires. "Oh, I had to sell it to pay some fines. Sorry I'm late, I had to work overtime so I just came straight from work to get you. "

Turns out his appointment was actually a court date and he had so many outstanding moving violations they threatened to revoke his license if he didn't get them all paid. So he sold his truck, paid his fines, and had just enough left over to purchase that piece of garbage. I didn't have the confidence to tell him no thank you and just walk back in the house so I spent the next hour and a half perched ontop of a 5 gallon bucket desperately trying not to fall over whenever he turned a corner or shifted gears (the clutch was shot so he shifted by raising the RPM's and slamming the stick shift into the next gear)

Our "date" consisted of him driving us all over town while he talked about how he was going to fix that truck up little by little over the next few years as he could afford to do so. Oh and he was sorry that he was broke for our date as the fines and purchasing and registering that smoke belching death trap of a truck took every cent he had. This was in 1986 and I'll never forget that evening. Yikes.



I have been with my missus for 35 years. She was 14 and i was 16 and still together. I guess im one of the lucky ones.



I'm a single pringle so none 😬😭



When I was in second grade, (I'm in fifth now), I moved to a new school in March. I had a crush on this guy named Edison, (I hate him sooo much now) and all of my friends knew. So at school in May, They took me to this old metal bench at recess and told me to wait there. I waited for about 10 minutes and they brought Edison to me. We just sat there for the rest of recess, very awkward and uneasy. Did I mention we EVER talked before this? After recess ended, I screamed the hell out of my friends and said thank you for the support. Edison and I are ex-friends now, we talk sometimes and we insult each other in a rude way. I was having a great year in fifth grade, and I made friends with new students, and he just HAD to tell everyone that I liked him in SECOND GRADE. Plus, he told everyone I still like him, (WHICH I DON'T!!!!) It took me a month to set things straight! That's why I hate him and I've never been on a mother date SINCE.