Unassuming young man in a black sweatshirt with hood over his head is in the corner of the room fixed on the screen, and the most worn keys of his keyboard are braces and semicolon. It’s a hacker and right now is rifling your bank account. This is a common concept layman has about people from this subculture. See the definition from a dictionary: “a person who circumvents security and breaks into a network, computer, file, etc., usually with malicious intent: a hacker got into my computer remotely and wiped my hard drive!”.

The word hacker had in Middle English similar meaning as craftsman, who was able to make his own things (sometimes with negative meaning, when bantering things he does not understand). Only when those journeymen started to twit the first computers, they found its untapped potential and gradually expanded the idea of hackers, as we see it in movies.

The word hacker in the modern day meaning extended in the 1960s at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a term for people who deal with the hardware as a hobby and has spread to artistic circles. We refer it to the people who use resources in an unconventional way, who look for imaginative ways. One group of hackers works with software development, others are mainly into hardware, there is a growing group of makers (these are mainly people from 3D printing), but there are also travelers (Travel Hacking, anyone?) and cooks (food hacking). So what do hackers carry in their pack-sacks?

Take a look at the photo series from the hackerspace Progressbar in Bratislava, Slovakia. Concept and production was secured Ivana Laila Drobna, a member of Progressbar, and young nifty photographer Martin Haburaj.

More info: haburaj.sk

Pills for throat, paracetamol, cable, glass wipes, modem, patches, USB uart converter, cables, bills, charger, 2x headphones, another uart, rubber band, notebook, cables, SD card, PGP smart card, mouse, external battery, mini USB, passport, meal vouchers, logic analyser, screwdriver, SD card reader, USB hub, pen, sweets, phone.

Ethernet cable, case for glasses, external charger, thin wall for rj-45, USB 3.0 cables, pin headers, USB external hard drives, calculator, USB 3.0 express card, SSD disc into the CD bay, an alternate outfit (I use bicycle), headphones, notebook, rj-45 connectors, USB cables, cables with ferrules, ft232 converter, dc-dc converter, small contact field, USB key leds, power connectors, stereo splitter, OTG cable, thermal grease, external USB hard drives, 433mhz transmitter and answer, swiss army knife, pen, reduction display port to dvi, phone.

Folder for documents, drawings by daughter from preschool, book I read to her in the morning tram, 4 mobile phones, horalky (Slovak sweets), kakaove rezy (Slovak sweets), umbrella, 2 laptops with adapters, keys, extra underwear and socks, gloves, display port adapter, hat, T-shirt, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, tissues, toilet paper, adapters, 3 USB chargers, USB sticks, SD cards and headphones, earplugs, sleep mask, small light, batteries, presenter, antireflex strip, passport documents in the bag, bottle, charger.

Umbrella, USB mini, USB micro, notebook, Kindle touch, calculator casio fx-9860gii SD, filter for solar observation, packaging for various papers, 3x USB, led flashlight, adapters and cables, 4x keys, 2x mobile, USB drive, dice, tape measure, visiting cards, mini telescope, spoon, green laser, contact thermometer, 2x pen, flipchart marker, pentel pencil, wallet, smart cards, canvas bag, tissues, papers, headphones, reading helper.

Cube, horalky (sweet), blockchain badge, stick from the table, USB, chewing gums, waklert, modafinil, pocket operator, pens, phone, tissues, notebook, dtickers, cables, reduction, public transport tickets.

Flashlights, 1 sock, chargers, Paul Rosenberg “The Breaking Dawn”, notebook, shaft adapter for laptop, stickers for RNC, reduction, reading access card, phone, caffeine reon, the hardware OTP token, pointer, 3x power bank, universal converter, lollipops, passport, earplugs, USB key, SD card, pen, ethernet converter – USB, USB key, chargers, cleaning wipes, business cards, RFID shield, mortifier ointment teeth, headphones, phone, keys, car keys, hand cream, brush & paste, swimming suit, spectacles, inflatable pillow, sleep masks.

Alpha wifi card AWUS036NH, Edimax wifi card EW-7711USn, Belkin wifi card F7D1102ed, Belkin LAN USB card 1GB, Notepad Thinkpad T440s, miktorik routerboard, powerbank, Teensy 3.1 USB programmable controller, reading for public transport, notebook, leadership book, chargers, case for glasses, 3x phone (Android, Windows Phone, Symbian s40), GoPro Session 4, popcorn, porridge, lighter, USB resistant, charger, chewing gum, receiver, deodorant, knife/screwdriver, pen, magnesium, B-Complex, 3x USB key, tobacco, OCB papers, pedometer, photo of smurf, public transport tickets, protein bar, grape sugar, 2x headphones (plugs+headset), cables (TP, MicroUSB, MiniUSB), ID card.

2x USB key, labello, charcoal, papers, notebook, headphones, wrapper from cheese (parenica), table for tracing, keys, a bottle, wet wipes, Polaroid photo, pouch, charger, 2x, USB cable, pen, cell phone, wallet, condoms.

2x spray paint, Karel Capek – The Makropulos case, notebook, warmers pistol, tissues, keys, zip ties, markers, chewing gums, paper clips, plexiglass sample, wetted towel, brush glue gun filling, glow sticks, small brush, pens, tape, single brush, wallet, lighter, hairband, hair brush, 3D cube model with support, pins, trimmer knife, perfume, headphones, lip gloss.

USB cable for smartphone, camera fuji x100, notebook, keys, power adapter, 2x jack to cinch, tissues, smartphone, car keys, USB stick, laguiole folding knife, cigarettes, lighter, papers, cards (in shield), headphones RHA MA750, allen keys, U-lock, pocket operators – PO12, PO14, MadCatz Cyber R.A.T. Pro S, MadCatz Cyber R.A.T. 5.

Spoon, pencil, black marker, chargers, radish, notebook, tokens from smallworld board game, three reflex items from pedals, 3x USB stick, camera, notebook, umbrella, interdental, mix of gums, keys, toothbrush and toothpaste, pikestaff on the alcohol tester, batteries, Koss Korta Kro in Nivea armor, lid from bottle, 2m rolling meter, bluetooth OBD-II adapter, folding fork, two tweezers, cable, box, manicure scissors, the keys to the old apartment where no longer lives, mouse, cables, raincoat, handkerchief, creams, phone, patch, USB key, talisman from wedding.

Speaker, 2x phone, notebook, money and cards, papers, USB cable, keys, pen, headphones, bag.

Badges for children, computer for the oculus, notebook, coins from the pouch, puzzle for straws, dungeons and dragons book, oculus DK2, headphones, 3x USB, box of glasses, Søren Kierkegaard – Fear And Trembling, coin, papers, Norbert Wiener – Cybernetics And Society, scissors, pens, card reader, ticket on public transport, 3x party game, keyring with squirrel.

3x rasps, 5x dice, hackeys, keys, lightning cable, X-acto knife, Kohinor versatile pen, mouse, notebook, toy, 3D models of doodler and scaned head, staples, 2 mini chargers, tape, plastic rubber, bleach, SD card, extension for the pump, tape measure with spirit level, labelo, black, white and gray marker, green highlighter, trimmer, big clip, fillings for pencils, mini stapler, deodorant, pen, disk, power cable, scissors, Lockpick set, toothpaste, business cards.