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What If Popular Icons Appear In Popular 2016 Movie Posters?
User submission
Other6 years ago

What If Popular Icons Appear In Popular 2016 Movie Posters?

We are obsessed with “what if” theories of global popular icons and can’t stop thinking them as movie heroes.

Last year we made the same serie for Turkish social media memes and we have seen that more than a million people shared the same humour with us. Our last year’s posters published in popular newspapers, blogs, news and entertainment platforms in Turkey.

This year we can’t stop ourselves to broaden the consept and to use global icons this time.

With many funny combinations in our head we have finally made an audition and here is our winners.

Which one do you think deserves the Oscar most?

More info:

We all remember the dramatic moments of Atlas, right?

Yes we can…

Meanwhile at the democrats’ side…

As if the story has written for her.

They only have hips, pics and tweets to fight.

They might be more than 8 though…


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