Janeiza, a woman from Thailand who owns an entire Pomeranian family, has decided to “put” one of her pups on a diet. While not knowing how the little critter would react, she took out her phone and recorded her pup receiving its smaller-than-usual lunch portion. To put it mildly, the pom wasn’t happy about it.

The woman shared the video on her TikTok, and it went so viral, influencers are probably already creating spinoffs to capitalize on its success. As of this article, it has over 19 million views. Continue scrolling and check out what all the fuss is about!

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Before you start a diet plan for your dog, you need to make sure they’re overweight. Feel their backbone and ribs. “If the spine and ribs are difficult to feel, the dog is overweight,” David Gonsky, the medical director of West Loop Veterinary Care in Chicago, said.

You can also look at your dog from the side. Their stomach should be raised; a sagging stomach is a sign that they are carrying unwanted weight.

Lastly, get a view from the top. Looking down at the pup, you should see a “waist,” or inward curves, between the back of their rib cage and hips.

If you confirm your suspicion and your dog really is overweight, exercise more. This will help your dog burn calories and can reduce its appetite. A good start is taking them for an extra walk or a game of fetch.

Be playful with your pet in general. Toss around balls, frisbees, employ squeaky toys, and other dog toys to get them excited about moving around. Shoot for 10-15 minutes of exercise, twice a day.

“Table food, treats, or even just generous portions of regular meals can lead to weight gain,” Gonsky added.

If your dog is eating large servings of food, cut them down. But not like in the video; a little each day will be enough.

“Use an actual measuring cup to measure your pet’s food, not just a cup out of the cabinet,” says Thomas Watson, a veterinarian at Carolinas Veterinary Medical Hospital in Charlotte, N.C., said.

You may also not realize just how many extra calories you’re giving your dog when you toss them a treat.

“Reducing the number of treats given in a day greatly helps,” Watson explained.

Give your dog half of what it is used to, and then reduce it even more over a few days. Alternatively, swap your typical treats for healthy foods like carrots, green beans, or rice cakes. “These healthy treats are low in calories and can be beneficial to your dog,” Gonsky added.

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