Working that pitch-perfect shot is all about striking a pose. But one fashion giant seems to have taken this idea a little too literally.

Known as a serial offender in weird and controversial fashion choices (read about it in our previous article), the Spanish clothing retailer Zara is leaving everyone baffled again. When someone pointed out how weirdly their models are posing, shoppers started wondering what the heck these girls are doing. From a woman crouching on a stove to another levitating in the air like Spiderman, it seems like someone was tryin’ a tiny bit too hard. Whether Zara seeks to attract a niche customer or is playing it "too cool for school" remains largely a mystery.

The fashion giant Zara is a part of the Inditex Group, which in 2019 reported a sales growth of 7%, setting new records for revenues, profits, and cash. Inditex’s portfolio includes other successful fashion brands like Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius, and more. However, Zara stands out as a particular leader in the pack. It was ranked 29th on global brand consultancy Interbrand’s list of best global brands and surpassed the Swedish giant H&M.

The secret to Zara’s success has to do with its strategy to go hand in hand with rapidly changing fashion trends with virtually no delay. According to Who What Wear, one thing Zara will never do is produce or design the same garment twice. When the product sells out, it’s never going to be remade in the exact same fashion. However, you can spot the same materials, patterns, and decors drifting from season to season, one collection to another.

Zara releases new products about twice a week, which makes it always appealing to returning customers. But imagine how the photo studios are hustling to create the shoots you see on the site. Yes, those odd ones too.

Fashion editor Lauren Eggertsen, who visited Zara’s headquarters to learn how it functions, said that “there are 15 studio sets where all the magic happens, and each of them is accompanied by its own team (photographer, stylist, etc.).” There are many different stylists working to create the fresh and innovative looks to sell on Zara’s website. That’s why the styling never looks the same even if the image features the product.

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