My name is Chayan – I’m an Indian designer/illustrator based in Dubai, UAE.

Me and my wife Tulika named our daughter Ankona, which means ‘a work of art’. Scroll down to see her adventures that we illustrate weekly.

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Week 3: Ankonaldo makes a tremendous aerial effort. And it’s a goooooaaaal!

Week 4: Sk8er girl

Week 5: Hare Krishna, Hare Rama

Week 6: Ankonus Diaperus

Week 7: Punkona says: “You’re not hardcore, if you don’t play hardcore!”

Week 8: No more cootchie-cooing!

Week 9: Today I’m going to eat some Hilsa fish

Hindi:  আজ হাম ইলিশ মাছ খায়গা.

Week 10: Friends, you got to poop only in your diapers – clean up India!

Hindi: मित्रों! केवल डायपर में ही सौच करें। भारत को स्वच्छ रखें.

Week 11: What about some sugar in the salty water?

Week 12: Shitwa happens!

Week 13: Ankona does a Picasso bull

Week 14: Start up darn scooter!

Hindi: स्टार्ट हो जा भाई मेरे !

Week 15: Yay! I graduated to 15 weeks

Week 16: Summer days call for chilling on the beach

Week 17: Wonder Woman landed in Dubai exactly 3 months back

Week 18: Flutterby Butterfly

Week 19: Being the on-court diva, while the star Serena Williams is on hiatus

Week 20: Unfurling fun days!

Week 21: The little lime

Hindi: छोटा छोटा काचा काचा- निम्बूड़ा.

Week 22: Playtime with Yara

Week 23: Hello, I’m Kitty!

Week 24: Happy Monsoon Festival from Ankona

Hindi: सावन में झूला झूले अंकोना प्यारी.

Week 25: Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Ankona – everyone loves Nirma washing powder

Hindi: हेमा, रेखा, जया और अंकोना- सबकी पसंद निरमा!

Week 26: join me for my first meal! Welcome to my Annaprashan on 3rd of December in Jamshedpur

Week 27: Cheers

Week 28: My first movie was a “shitty” one. Popcorn was fun though

Week 29: Such a star, I can roll over now!

Week 30: Back from the tropical Seychelles

Week 31: Wakaaw! I’m half year old now

Week 32: Ziggy Stardust

Week 33: Rolling up my sleeves to get the shifting done

Week 34: Whatta hair! Your comb’s got the magic, Mr. J

Week 35: Let’s do something thunderous today

Hindi: आज कुछ तूफ़ानी करते हैं!

Week 36: Wedding decor is such a spectacle!

Week 37: The last one to fall asleep

Week 38: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

Week 39: Run like Milkha Singh!

Week 40: Art is Frida

Week 41: I did an Ollie trick on skateboard when I was 4 weeks old. Now I can even click a selfie

Week 42: When hungry is my tummy, I scratch my mummy