In the summer of 2016 after moving to Athens, Greece, from London, UK, I met the brothers Orestis and Lysandros Falireas founders of the Greek music band Imam Baildi. They proposed me to make a videoclip for their instrumental song “The Rider” using animation technics.

At the same time another friend told me about the traditional Greek shadow theatre character “ Karagiosiz”, a popular rascal who tries to survive in the streets of Athens.

The third leg of this project was the Spanish artist Sam3 who introduced the concept of ephemeral street art in our story.

Helped by the sunny weather, some cardboards, a few sticks and a lot of water we brought to life again this character, that is a constant presence in the childhood of most of the people in this country.

These shadow theatre shows are still being represented in most of the regions of Greece, usually during the main holidays, and children follow them with huge open eyes and enthusiasm.


More info:

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