As with most popular places, you need to see these spectacular landscapes in the early morning (before the hoards of tourists roll in), which is exactly what we did.

We rented scooters, which are (surprisingly) super easy to drive, even in the chaotic traffic, and then spent a few days navigating our way through Bali’s inland region of Ubud (most famous for the “Eat Pray Love” scene where Julia Roberts gets knocked off her bicycle by Javier Bardem).

The most spectacular rice terrace we found was in Tegallalang. We literally got lost in the maize-like pathways and terraces, meeting a few local farmers and stopping to take it all in. This is what we saw.

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Sunrise is definitely the best time to go

We stood here with our jaws on the ground

This just shows you the scale

Green. Green .Green

Can you spot the person?

Reflection game was strong that day

Just wow

We got lost and loved it

One of the farmers tending to the rice

We then followed a small path

We could look at this view forever

It takes hard work to keep the terraces looking good

It’s such an abstract landscape

One of the local farmers, who just played music that echoed in the valley