I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. One day, I was talking to a friend of mine who is a technologist/maker, about this “smart wand” idea that I had for a while. We ended up talking for HOURS and decided to actually make a wand for “Muggles” (In the Harry Potter books, Muggles are people who cannot use magic.)

It was a painful process because I’ve never worked as a product designer before or made anything even close to a smart “device.”

We made a real smart wand from Harry Potter which can cast 5 spells

A month and a half of continuous work over weekends, we finished the wand, and it’s fully functioning!

One of our favorite spells is Lumos, which lets Muggles turn on the lights using magic

All five spells tested well, and Kira, my friend as well as a huge Harry Potter fan herself, successfully summoned a hamburger using the spell(Accio Hamburger), which was programmed to place an order from delivery.com. The food was delivered to the door. It was SO COOL.

The other spells that we programmed are Cantis (makes the target sing), Silencio (silences the target), Nox (turns off light), and my favorite, Accio (summons an object)

We made it using 3D printed components

The wires and components inside of the handle are wifi, battery, switch, voice recognition module, powerboost, vibrating motor(to signal if the spell is recognized), microcontroller, mic, etc

Here is Dofl, the technologist, placing the components inside of the colored wand

We also recorded voice commands of another friend Kira. We connected the voice commands to wifi-connected smart switches to which the speaker/lamp were connected, and to delivery.com to summon food items.

Watch the video to see all the spells in action. Hope you like it!