We lovingly hand make all our soaps using the traditional cold process method and only use all natural vegan products.

Each soap is made with love in the Soap Pretty kitchen in Dublin, Ireland using the traditional cold process method, cut by hand then like a fine wine, allowed to cure for between 3-6 months before being hand wrapped in a page from a copy of a recycled Harry Potter book that we have saved from pulping. We finish them with a traditional house wax seal.

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Slytherin Soap

Slytherin Soap- Black magic for your skin
Inspired by the rich, elegant perfumes of Knockturn Alley this handmade soap is is scented with teak-wood and cardamon

Ravenclaw soap

We scented this soap with cedarwood and sandalwood as they reminded us of the old, leather-bound books in the Ravenclaw common room.

Hufflepuff Soap

Since the Hufflepuff common room is so close to the kitchens at Hogwarts we chose a delicious freshly baked pumpkin cake scent for this beautiful bar

Gryffindor Soap

Crackling firewood scent, just like the Fireplaces in the Gryffindor common room.

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