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We Gave Free Rain Suits To The Less Fortunate
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Social Issues6 years ago

We Gave Free Rain Suits To The Less Fortunate

The Secret Love Project is a non-profit organisation and an artwork designed to spread love in the world. Originally started by artist Michael Elion, it was an official project for World Design Capital 2014 in Cape Town and is dealing with helping the less fortunate in our communities and creating a collective consciousness of love in the minds of the world.

Our latest project was a crowdfunding campaign that let us produce rain suits with the Secret Love Project heart on it to hand out to less fortunate people and car-guards in Cape Town. Car-guards stand in every street in Cape Town and watch your car for you and you give them some change in return. That’s most of the time how they sustain themselves and their families and we decided to help them through the cold and rainy winter with these rain suits.

When we finally had our rain suits ready, we drove around town and handed them out to said car guards, and then let them stand in a picture frame we made, saying ‘Thank You’ to the ones that funded this campaign.In addition to thanking the sponsors of this campaign, we also wanted to remind people not to take what they have for granted. We received big smiles as a reward and we were able to protect quite a few car guards from the rainy conditions they face in winter while keeping an eye on our cars.

Below you can see some of the smiling faces after receiving the rain suits with the red hearts on them.

More info: Facebook |


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