Some say this poster is revolutionary among the world maps. Why? Because it shows you the world from a very unusual perspective, listing all the 196* countries of the world side by side from the biggest to the smallest. It’s quite mind-blowing to see the relative sizes of the places and start comparing them.

It’s a big, wide world out there. A three-dimensional world, as most of us know. We’re all just trying to understand and make sense of it. Naturally, as maps are one of the greatest tools for understanding the world, we’ve relied upon this two-dimensional view to explain the geography of a 3D world.

Unfortunately, these maps upon which we’ve been relying have distorted our worldly perspective, so to speak. And because of that we sometimes think that some countries are bigger than others (we are talking about the relative size of total areas). But Are they really? So we thought to find it out…

…and decided to take the “usual” world map, deconstruct it, simplify it, beautify it, reorganize it, and voilà—List of Countries was born.

*How many countries are in the world? Unfortunately, there isn’t one correct answer. Maps and country systems are political, so it can vary depending on your views and where you come from. In this list, we have included 193 members of the UN, the two UN observers, and Kosovo to equal 196 countries.

More info:

Most maps are based on the mercator projection, which was a navigational schema that distorts the true size of relative landmasses the further away they are from the equator. We see Finland, for example, as larger than France when it is in fact smaller (who knew?).

Each country (196) is organized and listed from largest to smallest by its respective area. And we included the capital city below each country because knowledge is power, friends—Knowledge. Is. Power.

List of Countries allows us to see the world differently—a interpretation of the world deconstructed in a way that is both informative and visually stunning.

We’ve also included small red dot stickers so you can mark where you’ve been and see where you still have to go.

Although some countries are massive (by area), then in other “categories” some of the tiniest ones leave them behind! It all depends from the perspective ;)