After Mike North’s best friend, Dan, died unexpectedly doing what he loved most—living boldly and adventurously—North broke his leg during a larger than life celebration to remember his fellow adventurer. In the spirit of Dan, North decided to turn the negativity of breaking a bone into an bold, positive opportunity just like Dan would have done.

“I turned a crap experience into a chance to rethink and re-invent the medical cast,” said North. “It’s called BoomCast, and it kicks ass. It’s also completely open source.”

After North broke his fibula, he knew right away that traditional cast options would not be conducive to his personal and professional needs. As a TV host who regularly travels, he had to have a durable but easily removable leg cast with all the latest technological fixings.

North enlisted help from FATHOM and the team created a 3D printed medical cast that integrates technology from industry-leading companies like Intel and Google. The BOOMcast is programmed to deliver medical information to North’s doctor, play music from his phone, map pressure and audio data into LED lights that convey information for North’s edification, and other extensive auxiliary features.

More info:

An exciting demonstration of how wearable technologies can be used for innovative medical purposes

Mike North broke his leg, designers went to his doctor appointment

Mike North got his broken leg 3D scanned so that designers could create the perfect fit

Designers 3D printed the entire cast using durable engineering-grade thermoplastics

Designers created a temporary 3D printed cast for Mike in days and his final cast finished in two weeks

3D printed cast includes bluetooth enabled speakers so Mike can play music from his mobile phone

Doctor Mike North and his “baddass” 3D printed leg cast