Hi! My name is Maria and I'm from Greece.

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I have been involved in art my whole life, and finally on 2015,I managed to graduate from Fine Arts School, which was my biggest dream. Thanks to my university experience, I am in the pleasant position to illustrate children's books, occupy as a children's art tutor and last but not least, to do what I love most, in a daily basis: Draw.

Next step is to find new ways to express what my heart is craving and seize every opportunity that will be helpful to carry on with my passion for arts.

My favorite medium is watercolor and through that, I wanna express the playful side of my most favorite subject, animals.

Animals are so close to my heart and were always, so I'm trying to express that through my art which is the only way for me to communicate, it always felt right that way...

I hope you guys enjoy my journey so far!Let me know what you think! 

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Watercolor Animals By Illustrations Of Dreams


Moy 1 year ago

This is my favorite :3

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