Racism continues to be an issue in our society even today. We hear on the news and social media of the unfair treatment towards people of color and horrible things they have to experience just because they are who they are. And you would like to think that huge corporations like Walmart would treat their customers equally.

There are signs that this isn’t the case. TikToker @alynicoletta went to her local Walmart in Ketucky and, while browsing through the makeup section, saw that concealers in darker shades had security tags on them while the lighter ones didn’t, and she called this racial discrimination.

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A TikTok user noticed that at her local Walmart, dark concealers had security tags on them and the lighter shades didn’t

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The woman went to her local Walmart in Kentucky and noticed something unusual. In the 21-second-long video, the TikToker shares that while looking at the concealers she noticed that the lighter shades are just simply hung, but the darker colors have security tags on them and she proceeds to show the shelf.

Image credits: alynicoletta

The video was shared on Sunday, February 28, and as of Monday, March 1, it had more than 900,000 views. The TikTok video was since deleted, as well as the TikTok account, but people were quick to react and reposted it. One of the reposts by the Twitter user @davenewworld_2 was viewed more than 300k times and racked up more than 4,800 likes and nearly 2,000 retweets.

It isn’t the first time Walmart has been accused of discriminating against their African-American customers

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This isn’t the first time Walmart has been accused of racism. They recently changed their policy and stopped locking up hair care products aimed at African-American customers when they were accused of this being a form of racial discrimination. Before that, if a person wanted to access specifically African-American beauty care products, they had to wait for a Walmart employee to unlock the cases.

The TikToker concludes that putting security tags specifically on darker shades is racist

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The woman ended the video by remaking a TikTok video trend where people ask “Tell me you’re X without actually telling me you’re X” into “Walmart, tell me that you’re racist without actually telling me you’re racist.”

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People in the comments under the tweet had conflicting opinions. The people who didn’t think that this was racism said that stores put security tags on products that get stolen most often. So they argued this was reasonable, because the store just wanted to prevent theft. Others didn’t believe that dark concealers were stolen more often than other products, like meat, razors, and baby formula, which aren’t protected, and believed that the store decided to put security tags based on prejudice.

People on Twitter shared their reactions to the video and not all of them agreed that Walmart is being racist

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