Happy thoughts is an action turning into wave, aiming to remind people the really important stuff in life, inspiring them and spreading happiness.
On October 2013, a group of friends took a small step in spreading positive energy and optimism to passengers-by the city centre of Thessaloniki, Greece. Watching people getting demotivated, influenced by the economical crisis and too-much immersed on their problems, they decided to encourage them see the whole picture again by inspiring them with little Happy Thoughts.

The friends were volunteers of Youthfully Yours Gr. They organised themselves and they filled the streets of their city sharing the Happy Thoughts along with their lust for life. The action turned into wave, taking place again in other cities in Greece, plus Romania and Slovenia.

Replication from individuals or organisations that share the same vision with that first gang of friends is avalaible. Like us on Fb Happy Thoughts, Youthfully Yours.

More info: youthfullyyours.gr