While 2020 has been a pretty horrible year so far, you can’t deny that it has lead to some great online trends. One of the newest trends, the #VogueChallenge, had people editing pictures of themselves on the cover of the fashion magazine. But that wasn’t enough for some: pet owners started putting their dogs (and a few cats) on the cover of Vogue.

And that’s how the pet Vogue/Dogue Challenge became a real thing. The results are funny, adorable, and some are so stylish, they’ve got us seriously thinking about fashion for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. Scroll down, upvote your fave Dogue photos, and let us know in the comments which pets are your top picks to take the fashion world by storm this year and why.

The Dogue Challenge reached the shores of various social media pages, including Twitter and Instagram. What’s more, when the challenge went viral, it even sparked the creation of an official Dogue Instagram page, managed by two dog-lovers from Poland. Scroll down for Bored Panda's interview with a member of the DogueIG team, as well as with one of the dog owners.

According to a member of the DogueIG team, they wanted to focus on how "beautiful and versatile dogs are." That and their desire to feature dogs in an original way inpired them to create their Instagram page.

"They are cute and sweet but I also wanted to show some beauty in a fun, easy way," a representative of the Dogue page told us. They added that the idea to create the page started with a Dogue cover of Igor the dog.

"I just wander around Instagram, looking for interesting dogs. Its amazing how many amazing faces you can get. As soon as the pandemic is over, I'm going to show some covers with shelter dogs to give them a platform to find new owners," the DogueIG rep told us about how they choose which dogs to feature on their Dogue covers.

"Making all of these covers is just pure joy for me, I hope that looking at them brings a smile to you and others," they added.

The DogueIG page is freshly-minted, has published only 28 posts, and has fewer than 500 followers at the time of writing. But we see it making it big if internet users keep up the momentum and the Dogue Challenge gets even more popular.

Funnily enough, Vogue has a proud history of featuring dogs in the magazine’s pages and writing about them. In 1930, British Vogue wrote, “The next best thing to having the world at your feet is to have a dog at your heels.”


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Bored Panda spoke to the owner of Thatcher and Jackie-o. According to them, the doggy Vogue cover was all doe for fun, because everyone's doing it, and because they think that their dogs are fashionable and deserved the attention.
According to the owner, Thatcher and Jackie-o are two 8-year chihuahuas living in Indonesia. "I think in times like this, people are just doing it for the fun of it and to let loose a bit of steam," the owner said about why the pet Vogue Challenge is so popular.
"It's always nice to see a beautiful picture," they added.

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While back in 1924, Vogue warned that dogs are a reflection of our characters. And sometimes we might not like what gets revealed about ourselves.

“You can always tell by the dog because he is an unfailing guide to his owner’s character. If you have hateful personal characteristics to hide, avoid owning one, or it will bear your secret to the world—on four legs and a leash.”

In other words, don’t get a dog if you secretly have a bad character because the entire world will learn about it.


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