Even if you are not interested and are not fond of the books or films “The Lord of the Rings”, anyway, be sure to visit this unique place called Hobbiton. It is located not so close to the truth it is in New Zealand. Not surprising that this land has attracted those who were doing the world-famous screen version of the book. New Zealand is a country that is very rich in natural scenery unimaginable.

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Hobbiton was built on a private sheep farm. Its owners are three brothers, two of whom live in the same place, and the third in Matamata -Small town in 20 minutes in the green hilly agricultural area. It is possible to get to Hobbiton, for example, from the provincial town of Akaroa. Tourists traveling by cruise ships when they are in Akaroa, be sure to book yourself this tour. Itself tour of Hobbiton costs $ 50 plus transfers from Akaroa may cost a little over $ 20.

What is liked best is Peter Jackson (director of the famous film) – so it’s amazing beauty of nature and the absence of even a hint of civilization. Thus, the American film company has acquired a central piece of the farm and built there for the filming of the cult film “The Lord of the Rings’ Hobbiton city. It is worth noting an interesting feature that is usually the directors create cardboard scenery for their films, or draw them on the computer.

However Peter Jackson decided to make these decorations thoroughly. Another feature is the fact that their soldiers were involved in the New Zealand Army. The soldiers built a 1.5-kilometer road to Hobitton, which were brought special earthmoving machines and many other appliances. It was dug 37 holes for the houses on the slopes, and the rooms themselves were decorated in wood and plastic. Fences were made of barberry, planted small gardens that tenderly nurtured during the winter.

After filming the trilogy this place was abandoned. Scenery removed and for a while there were empty sockets. By 2011, only 17 of the 37 houses survived. The only guests there were groups of tourists and numerous flocks of sheep.

Gradually, this place has become a pilgrimage for fans of the film, which in turn resulted in a negative feedback from the farm owners. Soon it was decided to reconstruct the building and to make sightseeing tourist route. In the process of reconstruction Hobbiton number of buildings has increased several times and almost in its original form was abandoned for tourists. Employees of a local farm, at the request of the American owners take care of all living creatures inhabiting Hobbiton, and a unique garden.
The town is nestled at the lake, and if you look around, it is nowhere near invisible civilization! At the entrance to Hobbiton circle sheep, hills – typical for New Zealand scenery.