This was a group shoot put together in Stanley, ID in the winter of 2015. It was meant to convey a day and night in the life of a band of ancient Vikings, warriors of both sexes.

Some of the images convey the men kneeling in a prayer-like circle, talking about the course of the day and possible battle. A few images show a viking woman crying and screaming in mourning at the news of her beloved’s death, comforted by a fellow female warrior, the others with their head hanging low in grief. Another scene shows the group by their nightly fire, the leader counseling them.



More info:

Photographer: Carrie Hampton

Models: Jenny Meeker, Jordan Ganschow, James Nash, Laura Mason, Victorio Piva, RyAnn Lantz, Bryce Johnson

MUAH: Unique Irish

Chain Mail: Sean Sick

Styling & Wardrobe: Unique Irish, Carrie Hampton, Krista Vandenbosch