There is no end to the works of this one artist! , what’s interesting about the latest work from Veri Apriyatno with the theme “FIVE JOURNEY” is about human religion and spiritualism. “Indeed, human beings as spiritual beings are wanderers,” he said eagerly explained.

“The World of Nature is a world of wandering, a long and winding journey, a wheel of life that continues to spin and is subject to time and space. We are just as travelers or just a stopover in this world the final destination is actually the world of the hereafter, then ideally we must provide the best and provide maximum benefits for humanity and the universe because we are essentially the caliph (leader) on earth , so that our final destination can be safe and happy (heaven) or vice versa (hell). The world is full of tests of comfort and discomfort, this nature will determine the position of humans in the final destination, “he concluded explaining at length the themes of some of his recent paintings.


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The Nomads and The Final destination

In this series, one painting is divided into five parts, which have a profound meaning.

The spirit realm

The journey of the human spirit begins.

The spirit realm: in this spirit realm, all men pledge and swear in the divine covenant to obey and fear God.

The Nomads

Fetal Nature: God breathed the human spirit at four months of pregnancy.

The Natural World: the Natural World is a test realm, nature that determines the position of humans in the next life. Humans are tested with comfort and discomfort.

Nature’s grave: the tomb is a nature of waiting, where humans will undoubtedly know its position in the next life.

The Final Destination

Hereafter: this is the final destination of a long journey.

All humans will get the fairest responsibility, according to charity and deeds in the natural world”, He said.

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