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Values Of Life
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Values Of Life

One’s life should revolve around a number of values. Values indeed can define people to the core. In the day and age when everything is changing at a very fast people, often people fall astray of what they must do and what they end up doing. The values of a person’s life should revolve around such which makes an individual’s life more pleasant and also of those who are around you. Values define people. In order for a society to grow, it should instil individuals which regard the values in themselves as their highest assets and in order these individuals can contribute to the society they are part of, inevitably making it stronger and more unified. offers many similar readings which give you unimaginably great insights about life, contributed by people across borders and nationalities. Below are just a few values which one individual can work towards.

Being honest is one of the most important virtues. Honesty is one of the qualities that describe the character of a person. An honest person is respected and thought highly by others where as a dishonest person is looked upon and never taken seriously. Being honest is important in order to have others listen to you and believe in what you has to say. As the story of the boy who called wolf, its main theme is about being honest and how being a liar results in devastating results. Therefore being honest is important in order to get somewhere in life, to become someone, dishonesty will only lead us to closed doors. Being an honest person would allow you to grow in unparallel dimensions and be a person who everyone aspires to be. Honesty is a trait which is help in high regard by every person you will come across in your life. Leading an honest life will also lead you to self-exploration and the study of the society you live in, in great detail.

Trust yourself for if you can’t even trust yourself then you cannot trust anyone or anything else. Do not ever lose the trust or betray the trust of others. It is really hard to gain the trust of others, it could take months or even years, but it only takes a moment to break that trust. To have someone confide in you is them trusting you, even if your relationship with the other person finishes, never talk to others about what they have confided in you as they did that out of trust. Trust is a very previous attribute in ones life, one should never do injustice with it or disrespect it in any way.

Courage the cowardly dog. Looking back now, this cartoon taught us a lot about courage and the power it holds. An insecure, cowardly dog is shown to be frightened by anything and everything, but that never stops him from overcoming his fears and saving the ones who he loves. Taking a lesson from him, we should never let our fears conquer us, in fact we should conquer our fears and take that step of courage. Once we overcome our fears we realise how much strength and courage we have in us and that’s the moment we know nothing can ever stop us.

We are living in a society which lives by cutting off others. If we talk about both the public and private sector, people cut off each other’s way to get food on their on table. There is no fairness in our society and we have become inevitably numb to feeling guilty. A society can only achieve a goal bigger than itself if the seed is sown on an individual level. To start with, fairness is one value which should be instilled within all. Fairness for oneself including the people around is something which one should look at rather than their own person agenda. Values again define a person and on a much bigger scale, define the roots of society. Make sure you formulate strong values and radiate them to those who you believe will be a part of the bigger picture which are high values and morals which should prevail in a society.

Respect your elders and the ones of your age. We should especially respect our fellow age mates as we always mostly take them for advantage. We should also respect those who are junior to us, whom we normally disregard and constantly put down for we think that they hold no opinion or matter in comparison to their seniors. Everyone has respect, even the sweepers who clean for us are to be respected for they deserve it the most. If it wasn’t for them then we would be swimming in our own dirt and rubbish that we are constantly throwing out around us.

Care is very important. Those who care for one another are bound to live a life in which others play a very important role. This is due to the fact that this is a two way situation. Those who care for others are ultimately cared by many more people than the person has cared for. Caring is indeed a very special value. One cares for his loved on, his family, his friends, his community, his environment. The bond of caring for a particular xyz can prove to be very deep seated. A caring individual would be one who would gain a lot of appreciation by those around due to the very fact that there is a very strong bond circulated amongst everyone. The value of caring for one another is actually very contagious. A caring society indeed would thrive towards more unity and protectiveness.

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