Urban explorer and photographer, Andrew Marland, has used the advanced low-light capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S7 to capture images of buildings long forgotten by their occupants.

The project was commissioned by O2 to mark the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7, available now on O2’s Refresh tariff, and was entirely shot and edited using the handset. The desolate buildings, with their limited natural light and evocative empty halls, provided the perfect opportunity to put the phone’s brighter lens and larger pixel image sensor to the test.

Marland was granted access to the disused Fire Station on Manchester’s London Road, which has remained untouched for nearly 40 years despite being a stone’s throw away from Piccadilly Station. The atmospheric shots capture the darkened crumbling training rooms, dormitories, club rooms and layers of peeling wallpaper that each tell a story of their own.

More info: theviewfromthenorth.org