It took me about 30 minutes to do all the work. You can find all materials at home or at work.

Good afternoon, my name is Yuri, I’m from the city of Tula, Russia! This is my first post on Bored Panda … And I’m very worried 

While we were recording this report, the thought came up, and who has the most expensive Christmas tree in the world? Okay, then we’ll see, today one of the most expensive will be with us!

For example, this one! She is less than half a meter high, but costs 88,000 rubles (about $ 1,500)!

Не плохо да? Но вы не потратите на неё и 2-х долларов за то точно удивите своих гостей.

Here is a video of how I made my Christmas tree. The video, unfortunately, is only in Russian, but everything is clear there:

Now more! Build time from scratch is only 20-30 minutes. We need:   • A4 paper, • ruler, • stapler, • scissors, • paper clips 15 mm. pieces 20, • cable ties 3 pcs. • and, of course, real money and gold!

The cone itself – the base for the Christmas tree, we will twist from several sheets of plain paper of format A 4. It is better to use paper or thin cardboard so that it can be easier to bend the cone from them!

The edge of each bill is folded and clamped without a sharp bend, so as not to wrinkle money

Then we pass one of the couplers through the clamp paws and put it on the cone of the Christmas tree with a closed ring. When adding a new layer of branches above the previous one, carefully distribute the bills to make it beautiful. Money, of course, you can use fake from the joke store, but then it’s not cool at all.

Done! Now the Christmas tree is decorated with a gold ring on the crown instead of a star, gold chains instead of rain and earrings instead of Christmas balls.

Under the cone itself, an ordinary garland is easily placed, which makes the entire structure glow from the inside!

Important! After the holiday, do not forget to remove all jewelry and money back! And then – someone else will do it for you :-( How much did the tree cost on video? Jewelry: ring, chain, pendant, bracelets ~ $ 500. Christmas tree itself: Branches from banknotes in the amount of 1000 US dollars. Consumables: Clips, ties, brackets, paper for approximately $ 1. Bottom line: our Christmas tree turned out to be 12 inches high, and worth $ 1,500